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    Bang Sue Railway Station (Bangkok)

    Despite being a small train station on the outskirts of Bangkok, Bang Sue Junction is one of Thailand’s busiest train stations and probably the most convenient station to depart or arrive in Bangkok on any of Thailand’s three major intercity railway lines.

    Bang Sue Railway Station

    • Bang Sue Railway Station is 7.47 km from Bangkok Train Station.
    • Bang Sue Railway Station is also known as Bang Sue Junction because it serves as a junction point for the three major Intercity Train Lines in Thailand:
      • Northern Line
      • North Eastern Line
      • Southern Line
    • Bang Sue Railway Station has two 4 platforms.
    • With the exception of services on the Eastern Line, all intercity trains which depart from Bangkok’s main train station (Hua Lamphong) stop on route at Bang Sue Railway Station.
    • Many Thai travellers choose to board and alight intercity trains at Bang Sue Railway Station rather than Hua Lamphong Railway Station because it is more convenient for onward travel.

    Railway station at Bang Sue Junction

    Travel to Bang Sue Train Station 

    Even if you final destination is in Central Bangkok it will generally be quicker to alight the train at Bang Sue Railway Station and travel from there rather than carrying on all the way to Bangkok’s main city centre train station. There are good transport links from Bang Sue Train station:

    Metro station next to Bang Sue Train Station

    • Metro (MRT): There is an MRT station very near to the main station building at Bang Sue Railway Station. The metro line currently runs all the way down through Bangkok from Bang Sue to Hua Lamphong Train Station. The Metro is generally quicker than the train in travelling from Bang Sue to Hua Lamphong.
    • Stytrain (BTS): The MRT from Bang Sue connects to the BTS system at Chatuchak Park MRT station, Sukhumvit MRT station and Silom MRT station.
    • Airport Link: The MRT from Bang Sue connects with the fast Airport Link to Suvarnabhumi International Airport at Phetchaburi MRT station.
    • Don Mueang Airport: Bangkok’s second airport, predominantly used by low cost carriers for internal flights, is 18.6 km away from Bang Sue by road. The journey by road is quick because Bang Sue Railway Station is a short distance from the Expressway and the Toll Road which means you avoid the worst of the traffic in Bangkok.
    • Changing between the Northern and North Eastern Lines and the Southern Line: For travel from Northern locations such as Chiang Mai and North Eastern locations such as the boarder with Laos, to the South on the Southern Line the best place to change trains is Bang Sue Railway Station. 

    Facilities at the Train Station

    Bang Sue Railway station is much smaller than Hua Lamphong Train Station. It does though still have a range of facilities:

    Waiting area at Bang Sue Train Station

    • Ticket Office
    • Information Office
    • Toilets
    • MRT (metro) station
    • Taxis, Tuk-Tuks and Motorbike Taxis in front of the station
    • Covered waiting area
    • Wide variety of food stalls
    • ATM machines on Platform 1
    • Parcels Office. You need to visit this office to pay the cargo fee if you plan to transport a large object or take a bicycle on a Thai Train.

    Location of the Train Station 

    Buy Train Tickets online

    From Bang Sue Junction you can travel to most destinations on the three major intercity train lines in Thailand:

    • Northern Line: Bangkok to Chiang Mai
    • North Eastern Line: Bangkok to Nong Khai/Ubon Ratchathani
    • Southern Line: Bangkok to Sungai Kolok (via Surat Thani)

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    Use the Search Box above to find tickets to travel from Bang Sue Railway Station to other major railway stations across Thailand. For travel to Kanchanaburi you need to travel to Thonburi Railway Station to catch your train, and for travel to Aranyprathet by train the closest Eastern Line connection is at Yommarat Junction 5.3 km south of Bang Sue Railway Station. 

    Train Times to Chiang Mai 

    Train Dept Arr Train Dept Arr
     7 08:50 19:30 13  19:57 08:40
    109  14:08 04:05 51 22:24 12:10
    18:34 07:15
    • The fastest train to Chiang Mai is Train #7 departing at 08:50 which is the only train to complete the majority of the journey in daylight hours.
    • All trains have sleeper berths available except: Train #7 .
    • Train #9 uses Thailand’s brand new train carriages.

    Train Times to Nong Khai

    Train Dept Arr Train Dept Arr
    75 08:40 17:45 25 20:23 06:45
    77  18:58 04.15 133 21:06 08:35
    • The fastest train to Nong Khai is Train #75 departing at 08:40.
    • All trains have sleeper berths available except: Train #75.
    • Train #25 uses Thailand’s brand new train carriages.

    Train Times to Surat Thani

    Train Dept Arr Train Dept Arr
    43 08.27 16.45 83 17.30 04.25
    171 13.33 00.25 173 18.08 05.50
    31 15.09 01.23 167 18.54 06.25
    37 15.34 02.00 85 19.55 07.10
    169 16.08 03.45 39/41 23.13 08.05
    • The fastest train to Surat Thani is Train #43 departing at 08:27.
    • All trains have sleeper berths available except: Train #43, Train #39 and Train #41
    • Train #31 uses Thailand’s brand new train carriages.

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