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    Thailand Train Booking Guide

    This is an index page with links to Thailand Train journey guides below. Our guides are indexed by the station from which the journey starts. Links to each of the guides are in red.

    Buy Thailand Train Tickets

    Buying tickets in advance for Train travel to destinations all over Thailand is easy with Thailand Trains. Simply use the Search Box below to find your Thailand train tickets. All seats types including sleeper seats are available.

    • Step 1: Search for trains by travel date and destination.
    • Step 2: Buy your tickets online through PayPal or secure payment platform Omise.
    • Step 3: Select whether to collect your tickets in Thailand or pay an additional fee for postage to your home address.

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    Tickets cost a small amount more than they would if you booked in person at a train station in Thailand. This additional fee is to cover the cost of purchasing a physical ticket on your behalf from the State Railways of Thailand. You cannot travel on trains in Thailand without being in possession of ticket printed by the State Railways of Thailand. The advantage of paying a fee to book online is that you are guaranteed a seat. It is often necessary to book a week or more in advance to secure a seat, particularly a sleeper berth, on busy routes such as Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Bangkok to Surat Thani (for travel to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan).

    Trains from Ayutthaya

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    Buddha head in Bodhi tree

    Buddha head in Bodhi tree in Ayutthaya

    For an excellent train journey take Train #7 departing at 09.47 from Ayutthaya train station on the Northern Train Line to Chiang Mai. Train #7 is the only train to do almost all the journey in daylight. If you travel on this particular train dusk falls just as you descend from the mountains past the lakes just past Pang Puay train station. From there the route flattens out as the train detours around Doi Khun Tan National Park and onto Lamphun and finally Chiang Mai.

    Trains from Bangkok

    Read about train journeys from:

    Krung Kasem Canal

    Krung Kasem Canal in Bangkok

    Out of all the trains journeys you take in Thailand, the trip from Bangkok up to Chiang Mai has the best scenery, although the first parts of the journey to Nongkhai (before Khon Kaen and Udon Thani) are also very beautiful. The train journey to Surat Thani is probably the most popular Thailand train journey with foreign visitors Surat Thani is the stopping off point for bus and boat connections to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan (for the Full Moon Party). If you are planning to go to the Full Moon Party be sure to book your train tickets well in advance because seats, particularly 1st and 2nd class sleeper berths, normally sell out before the day of travel for all intercity trains to and from Surat Thani for up to 2 days before and 2 days after the night of the Full Moon Party. There are direct transport services departing from Surat Thani train station to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

    Trains from Ban Krut

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    Trains from Buri Ram

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Chiang Mai

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Chiang Mai

    International Horticultural Exhibition in Chiang Mai

    Thailand’s Northern Train Line running from Chiang Mai to Bangkok passes over mountains, past lakes and through endless plains of paddy fields. It is the best way to tour the central and northern regions of Thailand. The train from Chiang Mai stops at Ayutthaya (location of a UNESCO listed world heritage) and Lopburi (location of the famous monkey temple). To reach Sukhothai take the train to Phitsanulok and from there take a local bus onward to Sukhothai bus station. For Phrae take the train to Den Chai and from there take a local bus onward to Phrae town.

    Trains from Chumphon

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    Southern Thai Style Temple

    Southern Thai Style Temple in Chumphon

    Chumphon is the main connection point between Thailand’s railway network and the popular Island of Koh Tao. The ever reliable Lomprayah Company provides joint bus and boat connections from Koh Tao direct to Chumphon Train Station twice daily year round, making the Chumphon to Bangkok train route very popular with people returning to Bangkok after taking diving courses in Koh Tao. The first daily departure from Koh Tao to Chumphon Train Station leaves at 10:15 and arrives at 13:00. The second departure leaves from Koh Tao at 14:45 and arrives at Chumphon Train Station at 17:15. Depending on which train you take the journey from Bangkok to Chumphon is scheduled to take between 6 hours 59 minutes and 9 hours 37 minutes.

    Trains from Den Chai

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    Trains from Hat Yai

    Read more about train journeys from Hat Yai to:

    Hat Yai train station

    Hat Yai train station

    Hat Yai train station is right in the centre of Hat Yai, the largest city in Southern Thailand. The journey by train from Hat Yai to Bangkok takes between 14 and 19 hours depending upon which service you use. We recommend booking the train in advance to ensure you get a sleeper berth. All the fast services travel overnight which makes the journey easier because you can sleep through most of it and also save money on hotel rooms. Sleeper trains in Thailand are useful for cost conscious travellers.

    Trains from Hua Hin

    Read more about train journeys from:

    • Hua Hin to Penang (Malaysia)
    • Hua Hin to Surat Thani (for Koh Samui & Koh Phangan)
    Hua Hin

    Hilton Hua Hin Resort

    From Hua Hin you have the option of travelling northwards towards Bangkok or south towards Penang. Penang is 18 to 19 hours by train from Hua Hin. Whereas the daytime train journey to Surat Thani takes 5 to 6 hours. The train is a lot more relaxing than travel by car or bus. There are direct links from Surat Thani train station to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party.

    Trains from Khon Kaen

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel

    The Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel

    Travel overnight in a sleeper seat for an effortless 9 hour journey arriving refreshed in Bangkok the next morning, or break up the journey by stopping on route in Ayutthaya for a visit to the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Alternatively travel the short distance north via Udon Thani to Nongkhai and head over the border into Laos and its capital city of Vientiane.

    Trains from Lang Suan

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Lop Buri

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Nakhon Si Thammarat

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Nakhon Ratchasima

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Nong Khai

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Royal Nakhara Hotel

    Royal Nakhara Hotel near Nong Khai Train Station

    Nong Khai is on the border with Laos and is the closest border crossing between the Laotian Capital of Vientiane and Thailand. Train travel is a popular option for travellers from Laos onward to Bangkok and the historic city of Ayutthaya. From Nong Khai the North Eastern Line travels South via Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima and Ayutthaya before terminating at Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok. The fastest train from Nong Khai to Bangkok is Train #76 departing at 07:00 and scheduled to arrive 10 hours 10 minutes later in Bangkok at 17:10.

    Trains from Penang (Malaysia)

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

    Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

    For a real flavour of Southern Thailand take the train all the way to Bangkok, a 22 hour journey and the longest train journey you can take on Thailand railway network, or to Hua Hin which is a mere 17 hour journey. There is something special about crossing international borders by train. Passengers are required to briefly leave the train at the Thai-Malay border crossing (Padang Besar) before continuing swiftly towards the final destination of Bangkok at the top end of the Southern Train Line. From Penang itself you need to travel to the mainland of Malaysia to catch your train at Butterworth Railway Station. There are several ways to make this short trip from George Town or other points on Penang Island to Butterworth. If you have lots of luggage consider taking a taxi. If you are more mobile and have the time take one of the car ferries from George Town to the Butterworth. It takes 20 minutes and costs next to nothing.

    Trains from Phetchaburi

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Phitsanulok

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Sukhothai Historical Park

    Sukhothai Historical Park near Phitsanulok

    Phitsanulok is the closest railway station to Sukhothai Historical Park. For onward travel by train from Sukhothai you first need to travel by road to Phitsanulok Train Station, a 62.7 km journey. There is a regular local bus service between Sukhothai and Phitsanulok. The bus station in Phitsanulok is 2.1 km from the train station. From Phitsanulok Train Station you have the choice of train services heading Northward toward Chiang Mai or Southward towards Bangkok. A third alternative would be to travel part of the way back to Bangkok and then change trains in Ayutthaya for travel to the North East of Thailand on the North Eastern Train Line.

    Trains from Prachuap Khiri Khan

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Sisaket

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Sungai Kolok

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Sungai Kolok Railway Station

    Train at Sungai Kolok Railway Station

    Sungai Kolok is at the far Southern end of Thailand’s Southern train line. The journey on Train #172 from Sungai Kolok to Bangkok is the longest train journey in Thailand scheduled to take 21 hours 15 minutes. Sungai Kolok train  station is 1.4 km from the border crossing to Malaysia. The majority of foreign visitors who pass through Sungai Kolok do so to either visit the Perhentian Islands on Malaysia’s Eastern Coastline or the Thai Embassy in Kota Bharu to apply for a visa. The border crossing at Sungai Kolok is one of the most convenient ones to reach by train for people planning on returning to Hat Yai or the islands of Surat Thani province such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

    Trains from Surat Thani

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Surat Thani train station

    Surat Thani train station

    Surat Thani is closest train station to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Click on the links in red for information and ticket bookings for transport from Koh Samui to Surat Thani train station and Koh Phangan to Surat Thani train station. Surat Thani is about half way between Bangkok and Penang on Thailand’s Southern Train Line. The highlights of a journey on the Southern Train Line are travelling through the suburbs of Bangkok, the coastal scenery of Prachuap Khiri Khan province and Hua Hin train station, the prettiest railway station in Thailand. Travelling South from Surat Thani the train passes through Hat Yai on the way to the Malaysian border near Sungai Kolok train station. From Sungai Kolok it is a 1 hour journey by road to the Malaysia town of Kota Bharu to apply for a visa at the Thai Embassy.

    Trains from Surin

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Trains from Trang

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Food in Trang

    Trang is known as a culinary centre in Thailand

    Foreign visitors tend to come to Trang only as a connection point to the Southern Andaman Islands of Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Sukorn. However, Trang is a popular destination for Thai holiday makers who come for its rich and diverse cultural heritage, but less so foreign visitors who are yet to discover the area’s unique qualities in any great numbers. Trang is also well known, amongst other things, for its Chinese and Muslim food. The town has several very popular Dim Sum restaurants and many Thai people come to Trang specifically eat Dim Sum.

    Trains from Ubon Ratchathani

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Ubon Ratchathani

    Fantastic scenery from Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok

    Ubon Ratchathani is the final station on the Eastern branch of Thailand’s North Eastern train line. The North Eastern splits into two branches at Thanon Chira Junction with the other branch heading northwards towards Nong Khai. From Ubon Ratchathani the Eastern branch of the Northern Eastern line terminates in Bangkok. The major stops on route are Sisaket, Surin, Buri Ram, Nakhon Ratchasima, Pak Chong, and Ayutthaya.

    Trains from Udon Thani

    Read more about train journeys from:

    Udon Thani train station

    Train ready to depart from Udon Thani train station

    By rail there are two directions you can travel from Udon Thani. Going north the next major stop is Nong Khai train station on the border with Laos. Alternatively, you can travel south towards Bangkok which is around 10 to 12 hours away. The highlights of a journey on the train heading south from Udon Thani are the mountains and temples of the Pak Chong area between Ayutthaya and Nakhon Ratchasima. The Pak Chong area has a cooler climate which means that different plant, tree and animal species flourish here.

    Online Ticket Collection

    Tickets purchased online can be collected at major stations in Thailand (including Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Surat Thani station) on the day of travel. For other departure points our booking agent will arrange for the tickets to be sent by post either to your home address, or an address in Thailand such as a hotel.

    See below for information about ticket collection:
    Train #83 to Surat Thani at Bangkok Train Station

    Train #83 to Surat Thani at Bangkok Train Station

    All the train services listed in the Guide above are on intercity trains which can be booked in advance. There are other slower trains which can only be booked at the train station on the day of travel. The slower trains only run short distances, have 3rd class wooden seats and take a long time to travel anyway because they stop at even the smallest stations.

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