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    How to get from Chiang Mai to Lopburi by train

    There are 5 daily direct train services from Chiang Mai to Lopburi. Some train services are better than others:

    • The fastest train service between Chiang Mai and Lopburi is on Train #8 departing from Chiang Mai at 08:50 and scheduled to arrive in Lopburi 8 hours 36 minutes later at 17:26.
    • The slowest service between Chiang Mai and Lopburi is Train #102 departing at 06:30 and scheduled to arrive in Lopburi some 11 hours 35 minutes later at 18:05.
    Train Timetable from Chiang Mai to Lopburi

    Train Number Departure   Arrival   Train Type
    102 06:30 18:05 Rapid
    8 08:50 17:26 Special Express
    52 15:30 02:44 Express
    14 17:00 03:22 Special Express
    10 18:00 04:04 Special Express

    Guide to Train Ticket Prices from Chiang Mai to Lopburi

     Seat Type  Station Price
     2nd Class AC Sleeper  776 to 836 THB


    About train travel from Chiang Mai to Lopburi

    Monkeys at Lopburi Monkey Festival

    Lopburi is most famous for the Khmer temple of Prang Sam Yot where a large group of macaque lives. If you are coming to Lopburi for the Monkey Festival, which takes place in November each year, we recommend travelling by train as the roads get very busy because of the large number of visitors. Make sure you book your train ticket in advance.

    Getting to Chiang Mai Train Station

    Train from Chiang Mai to Lopburi

    Chiang Mai train station is 3.7 km by road from the Tha Phae Gate at the edge of Chiang Mai’s Old Town and about 1.9 km walking distance from Chiang Mai’s night bazaar area. It’s too far to walk so take either a shared pick up truck taxi or a tuk-tuk. Expect to pay around 100 THB for the trip from the Old Town.  There are some restaurants and small shops in, or near, the railway station to buy some drinks and snacks for the journey.

    Map of Chiang Mai Railway Station

    On Arrival in Lopburi

    Lopburi train station is within 1 km of the Lop Buri river and the main temples, which are famous for being home to large numbers of monkeys. The bus station and town centre are a 3 km taxi or tuk tuk journey away. Expect to pay around 80 THB. Not so many tourists come to Lopburi and it is for this reason a relatively cheap place to travel around, stay in a hotel, or eat in a good restaurant.

    Map of Lopburi Railway Station

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