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    Guide to Train Travel From Nong Khai to Bangkok

    There are two good train services from Bangkok to Nong Khai. The first train in the morning completes the journey quickest and the last train of the evening is a new modern train with comfortable A/C sleeper carriages and a restaurant car.

    Train Times to Bangkok

    There are 4 direct train services per day from Nong Khai to Bangkok.

    Train Nong Khai Bangkok Train Type
    76 07:00 17:10 Express
    78 18:15 05:00 Express
    134 18:30 05:45 Rapid
    26 19:10 06:00 Special Express
    • Fastest Train: The fastest train between Nong Khai and Bangkok is Train #76 (departing at 07:00) which is scheduled to complete the journey in 10 hours 10 minutes.
    • Slowest Train: The slowest service is Train #135 (departing at 18:30) which is scheduled to complete the journey in 11 hours and 15 minutes.
    • Sleeper Berths: The only train service between Nong Khai and Bangkok with sleeper berths available (1st and 2nd class air-conditioned sleepers) is Train #26 which uses the brand new train carriages brought in to service late in 2016.

    Buy Tickets to Bangkok

    Use the Search Box below to buy your train tickets from Nong Khai to Bangkok. Sleeper seats are available to book online as well as the cheaper seat only options. After booking either collect your train tickets at the Parcels Office at Nong Khai Train Station or request that they are sent by post to your home address.

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    The trains listed above through trains running the entire distance from Nong Khai to Bangkok. There are other trains running part of the distance which are not available to book online. For these other train services you need to visit a train station in Thailand to check times, prices and to book tickets.

    Ticket Prices to Bangkok

     Seat Type  Online Price  Station Price
     1st Class A/C Sleeper   1,607 THB  1,357 THB
     2nd Class A/C Sleeper   1,088 THB  838 THB
     2nd Class A/C Seat  748 THB  498 THB
     3rd Class A/C Seat  748 THB  498 THB

    Tickets costs 250 THB more per person for the Nong Khai to Bangkok when booked online. However, if you do not book in advance you may find that you are either unable to travel on the day you need or that the only available seats are fan cooled 3rd Class seats, which will be uncomfortable for a journey of over 10 hours. 

    Travel from Nong Khai

    Nong Khai Train Station is 1.5 km from the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge marking the border between Laos and Thailand. If you are travelling from Vientiane, capital city of Laos, to Thailand you might enjoy taking the short train journey from Thanaleng train station in the Laotian village of Dongphosy for the 4 km journey from to Nong Khai train station. Trains from Thanaleng train station to Nong Khai train station depart at 10:00 and 17:30 every day and take 15 minutes to complete the journey.

    Bangkok Train Station at night

    For the onward train journey from Nong Khai to Bangkok we recommend that you either stay at a hotel near Nong Khai Train Station overnight and take the 07:00 departure on Train #76 the next morning. Train #76 is a fast service with 3 carriages of air-conditioned 2nd class seats with breakfast, lunch and drinks included in the price. Alternatively, take Train #26 departing at 19:10 which is the only direct train service between Nong Khai and Bangkok with sleeper berths. The other two services (Trains #78 and #138 are slower trains without sleeper berths).

    Location of Nong Khai Station

    Location of Bangkok Station

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