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Guide to Train Travel from Surin to Bangkok

There are 9 direct trains per day from Surin to Bangkok:

Train Times from Surin to Bangkok

Train No. Dept Arr Service
234 05:20 14:15 Ordinary
72 07:49 14:55 Express
136 09:39 18:40 Rapid
146 12:17 21:10 Rapid
22 16:41 22.55 Special Express
142 20:22 05:00 Rapid
24 21:23 05:15 Special Express
68 22:01 06:40 Express
140 22:56 07:20 Rapid
  • The fastest train is Train #22 departing from Surin at 16:41 and scheduled to arrive in Bangkok 6 hours 14 minutes later at 22:55.
  • The slowest direct train from Surin to Bangkok is Train #136 departing from Surin at 09:39 and arriving in Bangkok at 18:40. A slow journey of 9 hours 1 minutes with 27 stops on route to Bangkok.

Tickets: Surin to Bangkok

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The best day time train to book is Train #72 departing from Surin at 07:49. There are air-conditioned 3rd class seats on Train #72 which are comfortable and relatively inexpensive. Train #72 is also up to 2 hours quicker than the other two trains which complete the journey during daylight hours. For overnight travel we recommend booking a sleeper berth on Train #24 departing from Surin at 21:23. Train #24 is currently the only service between Surin and Bangkok which uses the brand new Chinese made train carriages brought into service by the State Railways of Thailand in 2016. Air-conditioned 1st and 2nd class sleeper berths are also available on Train #68 departing from Surin at 22:01. Train #140 departing at 22:56 from Surin has a single carriage of fan cooled 2nd class sleeper berths .

Guide to Online Train Ticket Prices from Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok

Seat Type Online Price Station Price
2nd Class A/C Sleeper 999 THB 749 THB
2nd Class Fan Sleeper  679 THB 429 THB
3rd Class A/C Seat 739 THB 489 THB

About Train Travel from Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok

The train from Surin to Bangkok passes by Lumtakong Lake

The train from Surin to Bangkok passes by Lumtakong Lake

There is some good scenery on the route from Surin to Bangkok and it is worth choosing to take one of the slower and less comfortable day time trains from Surin to Bangkok in order to travel during the day light. The best views are between Nakhon Ratchasima and Ayutthaya where the train passes by Lumtakong Lake and through the mountainous areas past Pak Chong. There is a fantastic buddha statue in the hills about an hour before you reach Ayutthaya. If you want to see it then you need to take either Train #234 (departing at 05:20), Train #72 (departing at 7:49) or Train #136 (departing at 09:39). There are also some interesting things to see from the train as you approach Bangkok, such as the Rot Fai Market where the trains pass within a few feet of market stalls positioned to either side of the train tracks, which you wont see if you take a later train.

Location of Surin Train Station

Location of Bangkok Train Station


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