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Hotels near Surat Thani Railway Station


Book Queen Hotel

From 254 THB

Queen Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 210 metres
  • Star Rating: 2 star
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Queen Hotel is very close to the train station

Literally across the road and a few metres down the street from the train station, which isn’t actually in Surat Thani itself (where there are lots of nicer hotels) but the town of Phunphin on the way to the airport. This hotel doesn’t have much going for it save for it proximity to the train station, and that it has the only indoor restaurant in the area. Consider booking here to use as a rest stop before catching a late train. The trains down to Hat Yai and Malaysia are often 1 to 3 hours delayed. Catching a bit of sleep here is well worth the money even if you don’t spend the whole night. 

  • Route Map from the Queen Hotel to Surat Thani Train Station

Book Baan Meesri Residence

From 593 THB

Baan Meesri Serviced Residence

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 1.2 kilometres
  • Star Rating: 1 star
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Baan Meesri Serviced Residence is the best hotel near Surat Thani train station

Much nicer than the Queen Hotel. If you are planning to stay the whole night and catch a morning train its worth the 15 minute walk or 4 minutes taxi ride to the Train Station. Rooms have air-conditioning, satellite TV, free WiFi and clean bed sheets. Guests report receiving very good service from the owner and assistance with onward transport. It has no restaurant but there are food options nearby. 

  • Route Map from the Baan Meesri Serviced Residence to Surat Thani Train Station

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