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    Hotels near Train Stations in Thailand

    There are some great hotels near train stations in Thailand. In Bangkok, Hua Lamphong train station is located in Yaowarat (China Town) where there are some superb hotels, as well as some of the best things to see and do in the City.

    Good reasons to stay at hotels near Thailand Train stations

    Bossotel Chiang Mai

    Bossotel near Chiang Mai train station

    Hotels near train stations can also be very useful as stop off points before continuing onward journeys. For instance, many people going to Vientiane in Laos stay for the night at hotel near Nong Khai train station before doing the border crossing the next morning. Hotels near train stations in Thailand can also be a place to wait for late departures. Many smart train travellers book near Surat Thani train station to wait for the 01.24 departure to Penang which can sometimes be delayed by several hours.


    The Krungsri River Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ayutthaya

    The Krungsri River Hotel

    Ayutthaya train station is near the river about 2 km away from the historical park. There are several hotels within 5 minutes walk of the train station. The closest hotel is Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay which a budget house set within a old wooden riverside house. The Krungsri Riverside Hotel is a reasonably priced four star hotel 5 minutes away. The Baan Baimai Boutique Room is a tuk tuk ride from the train station inside the old town and near the historical park.

    Hotels near Ayutthaya train station:


    The Centra Central Station hotel is 200 metres from the train station

    The Centra Central Station

    Hua Lamphong is the terminus for 4 major train lines making it Thailand’s busiest train station. Hua Lamphong is also Thailand’s most ornate railway building and worth taking the time to explore. The train station is located in Bangkok’s oldest district Yaowarat (China Town). This is a vibrant and exciting area and staying at hotel near the train station is a good option, even for people not taking a train. The station is not far from the river, and many of the most interesting temples and markets in Bangkok.

    Hotels near Bangkok Hua Lamphong train station:


    The Thamrongin Hotel is a 2 minute taxi journey from Thonburi Station

    The Thamrongin Hotel near Thonburi Station

    The train to Kanchanaburi departs from Thonburi railway station, which is a long way from Bangkok’s main train station. Thonburi is not a popular area of Bangkok for international visitors. It is also on the other side of the river from the main areas of Bangkok and not connected to Bangkok’s mass transit system. However, it is well worth considering booking a hotel Thonburi as you have a much shorter journey in the morning to catch the 07.50 train to Kanchanaburi (for the Bridge over the River Kwai and the Death Railway). It can take up to an hour to get to Thonburi railway station by taxi from central Bangkok.  

    Hotels near Thonburi train station:


    The Oasis Hotel Chiang Mai is a friendly budget hotel near to the train station

    The Oasis Hotel Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai train station is about 2km from Chiang Mai old town and over a 1 km to the popular night bazaar area of Chiang Mai. The Bossotel listed below is located on the station approach and it is the most popular of the Chiang Mai hotels booked through Thailand Trains. For a budget stay in Chiang Mai near the train station we recommend the Oasis Hotel Chiang Mai, which offers nice rooms with free WiFi, a great swimming pool and a reputation for friendly service.

    Hotels near Chiang Mai train station:


    The Centara Hotel Hat Yai is very close to the train station

    The Centara Hotel Hat Yai

    Hat Yai train station is very conveniently located on the main street in the commercial centre of Hat Yai. Come out from the station and walk up the main road and within 5 minutes you get to a wide range of hotels, bar, restaurants, shopping centres and the infamous Pink Lady entertainment complex – a well known, and very large, hostess bar and sauna complex popular with Malaysian tourists.

    Hotels near Hat Yai train station:


    The City Beach Hotel is 450 metres from Hua Hin train station

    The City Beach Hotel near Hua Hin station

    Hua Hin train station is about 5 minutes walk from the beach, and a further 5 minutes to the area with the famous fish restaurants. The resorts and hotel are spread out along the coast in Hua Hin, which features a very long sandy beach, and whilst the train station is close to the town centre it can be a long way from the train station. If you have an early train it makes sense to be careful to book a hotel near the train station.

    Hotels near Hua Hin train station:


    The River Kwai Hotel is a 3 star hotel 460 metres from the train station

    The River Kwai Hotel is a 3 star hotel

    Kanchanaburi’s main train station is near to the Maenamkwai Road, which is where most of the hotels and resorts are located. The Bridge over the River Kwai is about 2 km away is you follow the Maenamkwai Road along the river itself. The train station is also near the Chung Kai War Cemetery and the Death Railway Museum. 

    Hotels near Kanchanaburi train station:


    The Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel is a first class hotel

    The Pullman Khon Kaen Raja Orchid Hotel

    Khon Kaen train station is located in Khon Kaen city centre not far from the main tourist attractions of the Khon Kaen National Museum and the City Pillar shrine. Whether or not you have a train to catch, some of the best bars and restaurants are located near to the train station along with the best hotels. Most international visitors to the city choose to stay at hotel near Khon Kaen railway station.

    Hotels near Khon Kaen train station:


    The Sripattana Hotel is 500 metres from Nakhon Ratchasima train station

    The Sripattana Hotel near Nakhon Ratchasima station

    Nakhon Ratchasima railway is about 1.5 km away from the historic old city of Nakhon Ratchasima, where Suan Rak Park and the famous Wat Pha Narai Maharat, which is the temple with the giant monitor lizards, are both located. There are plenty of bars and restaurants on the road between the railway station and the old city, making the area near to the railway an excellent place to stay.

    Hotels near Nakhon Ratchasima train station:


    The Royal Nakhara Hotel Nongkhai is popular with readers of Thailand Trains

    The Royal Nakhara Hotel Nongkhai

    Nong Khai train station is 1.5 km from the border with Laos and 2 km from Nong Khai town centre where most of the resorts are based. There are however some good hotels within walking distance of the train station. These hotels are most popular with travellers stopping overnight before they make the onward journey to Vientianne in Laos. We do not recommend trying to make the journey from Nong Khai to Vientianne during the evening time.

    Hotels near Nong Khai train station:


    The Ayara Grand Palace is 300 metres from Phitsanulok train station

    The Ayara Grand Palace

    Phitsanulok train station is about 800 metres away from some of the famous temples of Phitsanulok such as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, Wat Rat Burana and Wat Nang Phaya. Phitsanulok train station is about 1.5 km from Phitsanulok bus station. There are plenty of restaurants near Phitsanulok train station and it is a good area for foreign visitors to stay. From Phitsanulok it is a 1 hour bus journey onto Sukhothai. Buses from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai leave from the public bus station every hour.

    Hotels near Phitsanulok train station:


    The Baan Meesri Serviced Residence is nicest of the hotels near Surat Thani train station

    The Baan Meesri Serviced Residence

    Surat Thani train station is about 30 minutes by car away from Surat Thani city in the neighbouring town of Phunphin. For this reason there are only a few hotels to choose from within walking distance of Surat Thani Railway Station. The closest hotel to the railway station in Phunphin is the Queen Hotel which is about 210 metres away from the front entrance to the station. The Baan Mesri Serviced Residence is about 1.2 km away from the railway station but it is a better quality hotel than the Queen Hotel. 

    Hotels near Surat Thani train station:


    Myfriend Hotel is the closest hotel to Trang Train Station

    Myfriend Hotel near Trang Station

    Trang train station is located in the centre of Trang town. Trang is most often visited by foreign tourists as a transit point to reach the nearby islands of Koh Kradan, Koh Sukorn and Koh Muk. However, Trang is well worth a visit in itself as the town has an interesting and diverse history. Trang has preserved many old buildings dating back to the 18th and 19 centuries when the town was a centre for the tin mining industry. For many visitors the real attraction of Trang is the food which ranges from the famous Dim Sum restaurants and the Thai-Muslim dishes such as fiery hot biryani rice. To sample the local Trang cuisine visit the night market close to Trang station.

    Hotels near Trang train station:


    The Ubon Buri Hotel & Resort is the closest hotel to the train station

    The Ubon Buri Hotel & Resort

    Ubon Ratchathani train station is about 4 km south of the city centre, and the closest hotel to the train station is 1,400 metres away. If you plan to stay over night, perhaps to visit Pha Taem National Park, you will need to take a taxi from your hotel to the train station and back again. Pha Taem National Park contains prehistoric cave painting dating back to 2,000 BC and depicting scenes of people fishing and farming.

    Hotels near Ubon Ratchathani train station:


    The excellent Charoen Hotel is only 420 metres from the train station

    The excellent Charoen Hotel

    Like many of the railway station in the North Eastern Region of Thailand, Udon Thani train station is on the edge of the city, about 800 metres from Udon Thani bus station, and 1 km from the Central Festival Mall and the excellent Chareon Hotel, the most popular Udon Thani railway station with readers of Thailand Trains. For travellers going onward to Vientiane in Laos we recommend taking on early train from Udon Thani as it takes a while to cover the relatively short distance between the border at Nong Khai and Vientiane.

    Hotels near Udon Thani train station:

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