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    Travel Chumphon Railway Station to Koh Tao

    There are five direct services each day from Chumphon Train Station to Koh Tao. These services all depart from the car park in front of the train station by bus to connect with the ferry to Koh Tao.

    Travel Times to Koh Tao

    Travel times are from the point when the bus departs from Chumphon train station to the time when the ferry arrives in Koh Tao.

    Train Station Koh Tao Ticket Company
    05:00 09:30 ฿ 750 Lomprayah
    05:30 09:30 ฿ 650 KP Tripadvisor
    06:00 09:45 ฿ 500 Songserm
    11:30 14:45 ฿ 750 KP Tripadvisor
    21:30 06:00 ฿ 550 KP Tripadvisor

    Buy Tickets to Koh Tao

    Use the Search Box below to buy tickets to Koh Tao. Simply enter your travel dates and click to Find Tickets.

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    The first part of the journey with the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company is a 35 minute journey by bus from Chumphon to Thung Makham Ferry Pier. The ferry service to Koh Tao does not depart until 07:30 which means passengers spend around 1 hour 30 minutes at Tung Makham Ferry Pier before boarding the ferry to Koh Tao. Thung Makham Ferry Pier has a scenic beach side location and waiting at the ferry port is preferably to waiting at Chumphon Train Station.

    Thung Makham Ferry Pier

    Thung Makham Ferry Pier

    Thung Makham Ferry Pier

    Thung Makham Ferry Pier is located on the small, but beautiful, Thung Makham Noi beach. This is one of Thailand’s most pretty ferry ports with a quaint wooden pier from which the ferries arrive and depart. The Lomprayah ferry port at Thung Makham has very good facilities including:

    • Inexpensive restaurant
    • Convenience store
    • Toilets
    • Deck chairs arranged on the sea front

    Thung Makham Ferry Pier is somewhere you can happily spend an hour or two waiting for onward transport.

    Book Trains to Chumphon

    We recommend that you a book a sleeper berth in advance on either Train #173 or Train #167 departing from Bangkok at 17:35 and 18:30 if to plan to connect with the direct service from Chumphon Train Station to Koh Tao.

    Train Tickets from Bangkok to Cumphon

    Train Tickets to Chumphon

    There are 10 direct daily train services from Bangkok to Chumphon but most arrive either much too early, or too late, for the 05:00 direct bus and boat service from Chumphon Train Station to Koh Tao.

    Best Trains from Bangkok

    Train No. Bangkok Chumphon Service
    83 17:05  01:16 Express
    173 17:35  02:48 Rapid
    167 18:30  03:18 Rapid
    85 19:30  04:13 Express

    • There are a total of 10 trains per day from Bangkok to Chumphon, however, all except for the 4 trains listed in the table above arrive either much too early, or too late, to coincide with direct bus and ferry services from Chumphon Train Station to Koh Tao.

    Delays on the Railway Line

    Currently trains on the Southern Line in Thailand are frequently delayed by up to an hour on the route from Bangkok to Chumphon because much of the railway line is single track. This means that trains are often delayed if they have to wait for trains coming in the opposite direction to pass.

    • Travel Tip: If you take Train #85, which is scheduled to arrive in Chumphon at 04:13, you risk missing the 05:00 connection to Koh Tao. 
    Chumphon Train Station

    Platform sign at Chumphon Train Station

    Route from Station to Pier

    • Distance to Thung Makham ferry pier: 27.5 kilometres
    • Time taken to complete Sea Crossing to Koh Tao: 2 hours

    Travel from Koh Tao Pier

    The ferry arrives at Koh Tao’s Mae Haad Pier which is located on Mae Haad Beach near Sairee Beach. This is the most built part of Koh Tao and close to many of the Island’s most popular hotels and resorts, as well as bars and restaurants. From Mae Haad Pier it is easy to travel to other destinations on Koh Tao either by shared songthaew taxi or by taxi boat.

    Location of Mae Haad Pier

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