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    Train times & tickets – Ayutthaya to Bangkok

    By train it takes between 1 hour 15 minutes and 2 hours 20 minutes to travel 71.08 km from Ayutthaya to Bangkok. There are are very frequent train services on this route running from very early in the morning until late at night every day of the year, because all trains running on the Northern Line, and both branches of the North Eastern Line, pass through Ayutthaya on the way to and from Bangkok. 

    Train times to Bangkok

    There are 32 trains per day from Ayutthaya to Bangkok.

    Train Ayutthaya Bangkok Service
    4 02:27 04:00 Special Express
    78 02:50 04:35 Express
    142 03:13 05:00 Rapid
    108 03:21 05:10 Rapid
    52 03:39 05:25 Express
    24 03:42 05:15 Special Express
    134 03:48 05:45 Rapid
    26 04:04 06:00 Special Express
    14 04:24 06:15 Special Express
    68 04:58 06:40 Express
    10 04:24 06:15 Special Express
    314 05:27 07:30 Ordinary
    140 05:31 07:20 Rapid
    302 06:08 08:15 Ordinary
    342 06:23 08:40 Ordinary
    318 07:11 09:05 Ordinary
    208 08:26 10:20 Ordinary
    304 09:01 10:35 Ordinary
    340 09:41 11:10 Ordinary
    212 10:27 12:10 Ordinary
    202 12:14 14:05 Ordinary
    234 12:40 14:15 Ordinary
    106 13:11 14:40 Rapid
    72 13:17 14:55 Express
    76 15:35 17:10 Express
    112 15:59 18:00 Rapid
    136 16:37 18:40 Rapid
    8 18:06 19:25 Special Express
    210 18:48 20:35 Ordinary
    102 19:16 21:10 Rapid
    146 19:25 21:10 Rapid
    22 21:42 22:55 Special Express

    • The fastest train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok is Train #22 departing from Ayutthaya at 21:42 and scheduled to arrive in Bangkok 1 hour 13 minutes later at 22:55 .
    • The slowest train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok are Train #342 departing from Ayutthaya at 06:23 and scheduled to arrive in Bangkok at 08:40, which is journey time of 2 hours 17 minutes.

    Buy Tickets to Bangkok

    Use the Search Box below to buy your tickets from Ayutthaya to Bangkok:

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    Train tickets for this short journey are not available for sale online, however, minivan and bus tickets can be booked online using the Search Box.

    Ticket Prices to Bangkok

    The cost of train tickets from Ayutthaya to Bangkok depends on both the type of seat you book and the type of train you take. Generally the faster the train the more expensive the ticket.

     Seat Type  Station Price
     1st Class A/C Sleeper  886 to 1,046 THB
     2nd Class A/C Sleeper  395 to 715 THB
     2nd Class A/C Seat  245 to 345 THB
     2nd Class Fan Sleeper  385 THB
     2nd Class Fan Seat  65 to 185 THB
     3rd Class Fan Seat  15 to 45 THB

    Third class tickets can only be purchased on the day of travel at the station where your journey starts. 

    Location of Ayutthaya Station

    Location of Bangkok Station

    Travel from Bangkok

    On arrival in Bangkok there are plenty of options for onward travel in Thailand or neighbouring countries in South East Asia either by land or by air. From Bangkok Train Station the easiest option is to take another train heading south. Bangkok’s Southern Train Line passes through popular destinations such as Hua Hin, Chumphon (for ferries to Koh Tao), Surat Thani (for ferries to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan) before continuing south towards Hat Yai and onto Padang Besar where you connect with Malaysian Railway services for travel to Penang.

    Wat Arun in Bangkok

    Wat Arun in Bangkok

    For travel the Gulf of Thailand and Cambodia, passengers have the option of taking a bus or flight. Bus services to destinations on the Gulf of Thailand, such as Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, depart from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal. Bus Services to destinations in the East and Cambodia depart from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal. For cheap flights head towards Don Mueang, which is Bangkok’s second airport used by low cost carriers such Air Asia and Nok Air which serve a wide range of domestic and regional destinations across South East Asia. The cheapest way to reach Don Mueang Airport from Bangkok Train Station is to take the MRT (Bangkok’s underground train line) from the train station to Chatuchak Park MRT Station to board the shuttle bus to Don Mueang Airport. The total cost of this journey is less than 100 THB per person.

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