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    Train travel from Bangkok to Koh Tao

    The best way to travel from Bangkok to Koh Tao is to book a sleeper seat on an overnight train from Bangkok to Chumphon. On arrival at Chumphon in the morning you can then take a joint bus and ferry service direct from outside the railway station to Koh Tao.

    Stage 1: Train to Chumphon

    • Train times from Bangkok to Chumphon.
    Bangkok Chumphon Train No. Sleeper
    08:05 14:36 43 No
    13:00 21:12 171 Yes
    14:45 22:34 31 Yes
    15:10 23:15 37/45 Yes
    15:35 00:42 169 Yes
    17:05 01:16 83 Yes
    17:35 02:48 173 Yes
    18:30  03:18 167 Yes
    19:30  04:13 85 Yes
    22:50  05:49 39/41 No

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    Stage 2: Bus and Ferry to Koh Tao

    • Times of joint bus and ferry services from Chumphon Railway Station to Koh Tao.
    Train Station Koh Tao Ticket Company
    05:45 08:45 ฿ 690 KP Tripadvisor
    06:00 08:45 ฿ 700 Lomprayah
    06:00 09:45 ฿ 500 Songserm
    06:00 09:45 ฿ 490 KP Tripadvisor
    11:45 15:15 ฿ 700 KP Tripadvisor
    12:00 14:45 ฿ 700 Lomprayah
    21:30 05:00 ฿ 500 KP Tripadvisor
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    Location of Bangkok Station

    For the for first stage of the journey to Koh Tao you board the train at Bangkok Railway Station.

    Location of Surat Thani Station

    For the second stage of the journey to Koh Tao passengers need to leave the train at Chumphon Railway Station to board a bus to one of the ferry terminal with services to Koh Tao.

    Location of Koh Tao Ferry Pier

    Ferry services from Chumphon arrive in Koh Tao at Mae Haad Pier.

    About Travel to Koh Tao

    Trains from Bangkok to Chumphon fun from 08:05 until 22:50. If you catch one of the earlier trains then you need to spend the night in Chumphon. We recommend the Euro Boutique Hotel which is a budget hotel only 850 metres walking distance from Chumphon Railway Station. The most lively place to eat in Chumphon is Papa Seafood opposite the railway station which has live music in the evenings.

    Train to Chumphon at Bangkok Railway Station

    Train to Chumphon at Bangkok Railway Station

    The trains which depart from Bangkok in the early afternoon, however, are inconvenient because you end up arriving at Chumphon Railway Station in the middle of the night and have no option but to spend several hours waiting on the train platform, or on the street in front of the station, until the first transfer service to Koh Tao departs at 05:45. For this reason the best overnight train to take is Train #85 departing at 19:30, and scheduled to arrive at 04:13 (probably later as the train is often delayed). Train #85 has 1st and 2nd class A/C sleeper berths and a restaurant car.

    Chumphon Railway Station

    Chumphon Railway Station

    There are two ferries companies which operate direct services from Chumphon: Songserm and Lomprayah High Speed Ferry. KT TripAdvisor uses both these ferries. The Lomprayah High Speed Ferry is the best of the two ferry services. They use high speed catamaran ferries with air-conditioned cabins which complete the sea-crossing to Koh Tao in 1 hour 45 minutes.

    Thung Makham ferry pier in Chumphon

    Thung Makham ferry pier in Chumphon

    The cheaper of the two ferry services is the Songserm. Songserm has recently invested in new ferries which are better than the ones they previously had in service when Songserm had a reputation for awful service. The service provided by Songserm has improved a bit although the sea crossing to Koh Tao still takes a painfully slow 2 hours 45 minutes in a fairly cramped cabin with moderately effective air-conditioning. You can, however, sit outside on the Songserm which makes the journey more pleasant.

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