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    Train travel from Bangkok to Sisaket

    There are 8 direct trains a day from Bangkok to Sisaket (also written as Si Sa Ket):

    • The fastest train from Bangkok to Sisaket is Train #21 departing at 05:45 which is scheduled to complete the journey in 7 hours 33 minutes.
    • The slowest train service from Bangkok to Sisaket is Train #145 departing at 15:20 which is scheduled to the complete the journey in 10 hours 59 minutes.
    • The most comfortable train service from Bangkok to Sisaket is Train #23 which uses the newest of Thailand’s passenger train carriages, which were first brought into service in November 2016.

    Train Times to Sisaket

    Bangkok Sisaket Train No. Service
    05:45 13:18 21 Special Express
    06:40 17:00 135 Rapid
    10:05 18:40 71 Express
    15:20 02:19 145 Rapid
    18:55 05:07 139 Rapid
    20:30 05:38 23 Special Express
    21:30 06:41 67 Express
    22:45 09:06 141 Rapid
    • Sleeper Seats are available on Trains #139, #23, and #67.
    • Train #21 and #71 are 3 carriage sprinter trains with no freight car, which means you cannot transport bicycles or other over-sized items on these train services. These trains also have no sleeper berths available.

    Buy Tickets to Sisaket

    Tickets are available to purchase online using the Search Box below. Enter your travel dates using the calendar icon and click to Find Tickets.

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    If you plan to travel in 2nd or 3rd class fan seats then you can normally buy your train tickets from Bangkok to Sisaket on the day of travel. However, if plan to travel on one of sprinter services or buy a 1st or 2nd Class A/C Sleeper Seat then you may have difficulty buy a ticket on the day of travel depending on the time of year. The better seats sell out early. Train travel is relatively cheap in Thailand and they popular amongst Thai travellers as well as foreign visitors.

    Ticket Prices to Sisaket

    If you buy your train tickets online the cost is 250 to 300 THB more than buying them at a train station in Thailand. 

     Seat Type  Online Price  Station Price
     2nd Class A/C Sleeper  931 to 1,121 THB  631 to 961 THB
    2nd Class A/C Seat 711 THB 461 THB
     3rd Class Fan Seat  561 THB  311 THB

    The range of seat types and train upon which you book tickets online changes throughout the year. Use the Search Box above to check prices and available.

    About Travel to Sisaket

    Sisaket is on the Eastern branch of Thailand’s Northern Eastern Train Line and the last major stop on the line before it terminates in Ubon Ratchathani. The best part of the train journey from Bangkok to Sisaket is the section of train line Ayutthaya and Pak Chong. The views in the mountains for this portion of the journey are the second best on the Thai Railway Network, the best scenery is on the Bangkok to Chiang Mai train route.

    Beautiful scenery in Sisaket

    Beautiful scenery in Sisaket

    Sisaket is one of the lesser visited destinations on Thailand’s train network. Most of the passengers on the train from Bangkok, particularly the tourists, will be headed to better known destinations such as Ayutthaya, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasim, Surin and Udon Ratchathani at the end of the line. The two big attractions for visitors to Sisaket are the Khmer temples and the stunning scenery in Sisaket Province. If you are planning to visit the Preah Vihear ruins (the most famous of the Khmer temples in Thailand) then you need to leave the train in Sisaket and continue your journey by road. Closer to Sisaket town (about 4 km away) is Pra That Ruang Rong temple and 61 km from Sisaket town is Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, which is a Buddhist temple made entirely from glass bottles. Meter taxis are available from in front of Sisaket train station.

    Bangkok Train Station

    Sisaket Train Station

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