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    Train Travel from Bangkok to Sungai Kolok

    There are two direct trains per day from Bangkok to Sungai Kolok, which is the furthest point South on Thailand’s Southern Railway Line, and on the border with Malaysia. Sungai Kolok is the place to head for if you are travelling by train from Bangkok to Kota Bharu or the Perhentian Islands. If you are planning to go to travel by train from Bangkok to Penang or Kuala Lumpur you are better taking the train to Padang Besar and changing to Malaysian Railway Services from there.

    Trains Times to Sungai Kolok

    Train No. Bangkok Sungai Kolok Service
    171 13:00 10:45 Rapid
    37 15:10 11:20 Special Express
    • The fastest train is Train #37 departing at 15:10 and scheduled to arrive 20 hours 10 minutes later at 11:20.
    • The slowest direct train from Bangkok to Sungai Kolok is Train #171 departing at 13:00 and arriving in Sungai Kolok at 10:45, 21 hours and 45 minutes after departing from Bangkok.

    Train Tickets to Sungai Kolok

    Use the Search Box below to buy your train tickets from Bangkok to Sungai Kolok.

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    We recommend booking a 2nd Class A/C Sleeper Seat on Train #37 for this journey. There are cheaper seat only options available but this is a very long journey and it is well spending slightly more money on 2nd Class A/C Sleeper to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. The other train arrives only 35 minutes earlier and is a less comfortable train.

    Ticket Prices to Bangkok

    Train tickets purchased online cost 250 THB more than train tickets purchased at the train station. The benefit of paying an extra 250 THB to book online in advance is that you can guarantee that you get the seat you want on the train you want to take.

     Seat Type  Online Price  Station Price
     2nd Class A/C Sleeper  1,144 to 1,227 THB  897 to 977 THB
     2nd Class Fan Sleeper  927 THB  677 THB
    2nd Class Fan Seat  777 THB  527 THB

    3rd class train tickets do not need to be purchased in advance, you can normally buy these at the station a short time before you travel.

    Sungai Kolok to Kota Bharu

    From Sungai Kolok Train Station it is 1.4 km to the border with Malaysia. We recommend that you take a motorbike taxi for this short distance journey. there are alway plenty of motorbike taxis waiting outside the train station in the car park by the small market. A motorbike taxi should cost only 50 THB (2017 prices) from the train station to the border.

    Sungai Kolok Train Station

    Arrival at Sungai Kolok Train Station

    Once you are at the border we recommend that you again make use of a motorbike taxi service which will take you from the Thai Immigration office (after you have been stamped out of Thailand) through Malaysian Passport Control, and onto Rantau Panjang bus station which is 240 metres from the Malaysian side of the border. From Rantau Panjang bus station you take either take the Number 29 bus to Kota Bharu, which takes around 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 5 MYR (payable to the driver) or a taxi which will cost you 50 to 60 MYR and takes around 40 minutes to reach Kota Bharu town centre. If you are planning to submit a visa application at the Thai Consulate in Kota Bharu we recommend that you take a taxi. The bus from Rantau Panjang terminates at Jalan Pendek bus station in the centre of Kota Bharu near to the main market. From Jalan Pendek bus station it is a short walk to a range of hotels and the only place in the town centre selling alcoholic drinks, the very pleasant Golden City Restaurant which is a short walk down the main road from the bus station. If you are planning to travel onto the Perhentian Islands you can take bus number 639 from Jalan Pendek bus station to Kuala Besut, from where you can catch a speedboat service to the Perhentian Islands. The bus fare from Kota Bharu to Kuala Besat is 6 MYR and the journey takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and the last bus of day from Kota Bharu to Kuala Besat depart at 16:00.

    Bangkok Train Station

    Sungai Kolok Train Station

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