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    Train travel from Koh Tao to Bangkok

    The closest train station to Koh Tao is Chumphon Railway Station which you can reach by ferry and bus from Koh Tao in under 3 hours. From there the journey by train to Bangkok takes between approximately 7 and 10 hours depending upon which train you take.

    Ferry: Koh Tao to Chumphon Station

    • Times of joint ferry and bus services from Koh Tao to Chumphon Railway Station.
    Company Koh Tao Train Station Cost
    Lomprayah 10:15 12:45 700 THB
    Lomprayah 14:45 17:00 700 THB
    Songserm 15:00 18:30 500 THB
    KP Tripadvisor 22:00 06:30 550 THB

    • Buy tickets for joint ferry and bus services from Koh Tao to Chumphon Railway Station.

    Train: Chumphon to Bangkok

    • Train times from Chumphon to Bangkok.
    Chumphon Bangkok Train Sleeper
    00:44 09:15 172 Yes
    02:06 10:10 38/46 Yes
    02:34 10:30 32 Yes
    12:46 19:45 40 No
    19:36 05:10 174 Yes
    20:31 05:35 168 Yes
    21:22 06:30 86 Yes
    23:23 09:00 170 Yes
    22:49 05:55 42/44 No
    23:59 08:35 84 Yes
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    Location of Koh Phangan Ferry Pier

    Ferry services for Chumphon Railway Station depart from Mae Haad Pier on the west coast of Koh Tao.

    Location of Chumphon Station

    Trains to Bangkok depart from Chumphon Railway Station which is located in Chumphon town centre.

    Location of Bangkok Station

    The final stop for trains from Chumphon is Bangkok Railway Station.

    About travel from Koh Tao to Bangkok

    There are three different ferry services you can use to travel from Koh Tao to Chumphon. The fastest and best ferries are operated by the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry company whose high speed catamaran ferries complete the sea crossing from Koh Tao to the mainland in 1 hour 30 minutes. The Songserm company uses a purpose built wooden ferry which reaches the mainland in 3 hours. KP Tripadvisor uses a converted wooden cargo ship (also known as the ‘Nigh Boat’) which takes 7 hours to travel the same distance.

    Thungmakham Noi Pier near Chumphon

    Thungmakham Noi Pier near Chumphon

    All three services arrive into the mainland at different ferry piers. The Lomprayah ferry arrives at Thungmakham Noi Pier which is 27.5 km from Chumphon Railway Station. The Songserm ferry arrives into Matapon Pier which is 17.7 km from Chumphon Railway Station. The KP Tripadvisor boat arrives at Tha Yang Pier which is 15.6 km from Cumphon Railway Station.

    Bus to Chumphon Railway Station

    Bus to Chumphon Railway Station

    After you arrive at the pier on the mainland all three companies have bus services from the pier to take passengers onto Chumphon Railway Station. Out of the three companies the Songserm bus is the quickest to depart after the ferry arrives, with the bus waiting for passengers as they get off the ferry. You normally need to wait 20 to 30 minutes before the Lomprayah bus departs and about an hour before the KP Tripadvisor bus departs to the train station.

    Chumphon Railway Station

    Chumphon Railway Station

    All three services take passengers to the car park in front of Chumphon Railway Station. Some of the ferry services are badly timed for connecting trains. If you travel with KP Tripadvisor then you need to wait at least 6 hours until the next train departs. The shortest waiting time is with the Songserm service at departing from Koh Tao at 15:00 and arriving at the train station at 18:30, which leaves slightly over an hour to wait until the 19:36 sleeper train from Chumphon departs for Bangkok (Train #174).

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