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Train Travel from Phitsanulok to Bangkok

There are 10 direct services per day from Phitsanulok to Bangkok.

Train times from Phitsanulok to Bangkok

Train No. Dept Arr Service
14 00:01 06:15 Special Express
10 00:50 06:50 Special Express
202 06:05 14:05 Ordinary
106 08:55 14:40 Rapid
112 10:03 18:00 Rapid
102 13:18 21:10 Rapid
8 14:44 19:25 Special Express
4 21:40 04:00 Special Express
108 22:09 05:10 Rapid
52 23:01 05:25 Express
  • Fastest Train: Train #8 departing from Phitsanulok at 14:44 is scheduled to complete the journey in 4 hours 41 minutes making it the fastest service on this route.
  • Slowest Train: The slowest service is the 06:05 departure on Train #202 which takes a painfully slow 8 hours 00 minutes to complete the journey arriving in Bangkok at 14:05.
Tickets: Phitsanulok to Bangkok 

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The two train services which are best on this route are either Train #106, departing at 08:55 and arriving in Bangkok at 14:40, or Train #8, departing at 14:44 and arriving in Bangkok at 19:25.

  • Train #106 completes the journey in 5 hours 45 minutes in daylight hours and has air-conditioned carriages.
  • Train #8 which completes the journey in 4 hours 41 minutes and the ticket price includes a meal, and has air-conditioned carriages. The potential downside of taking Train #8 is that it departs mid afternoon at 14.44 and the last hour of the journey is going to be in darkness which means you miss out on the scenery along the way.
Guide to Online Train Ticket Prices from Phitsanulok to Bangkok

Seat Type Online Price Station Price
2nd Class A/C Sleeper 989 THB 739 THB
3rd Class A/C Seat 589 THB 339 THB

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Thailand train tickets online:

  • Disadvantages: The tickets cost 250 THB more than they would if purchased at the train station.
  • Advantages: Phitsanulok is on the busy Chiang Mai to Bangkok route and the best seats often sell out before the day of travel.
About Train Travel from Phitsanulok to Bangkok

Sukothai Historical Park near Phitsanulok

Sukothai Historical Park near Phitsanulok

Phitsanulok is not a major destination for foreign visitors, it is though the best connection point between Sukhothai and Thailand’s railway network. Sukhothai, which is most famous for its historical park of ancient temples, is 62.7 km from Phitsanulok a journey which takes slightly over 1 hour by bus. Frequent bus services depart from Sukhothai Bus Station to Phitsanulok Bus Terminal. Phitsanulok Bus Terminal is 2.1 km walking distance from Phitsanulok Train station, or 7 minutes in a taxi. Travelling from Sukhothai to Bangkok by bus to Phitsanulok and then train from there is a popular option. A direct bus from Sukhothai to Bangkok takes around 6 hours 40 minutes which is a long time to travel by bus. Travel by train via Phitsanulok is more comfortable and does not take much longer if you book the right train.

Location of Phitsanulok Train Station

Location of Bangkok Train Station

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