Alight at Bang Sue train station for a quicker journey into Bangkok

Ordinary trains on the Southern Line and the Northern Line and on the Eastern Line from Pattaya all stop at Bang Sue Train Station before going onto Hua Lamphong, Bangkok’s former main train station.

Entrance to Bang Sue MRT Station
Entrance to Bang Sue MRT Station

By leaving the train at Bang Sue Railway Station and changing to the MRT (metro) you can cut about 1 hour off your journey time into central Bangkok.

If you pay attention you will notice that the majority of the Thai people on the train will alight at Bang Sue Train Station rather than carry on to Hua Lamphong. There is a good reason for this, and it not because they all live near Bang Sue train station.

Bang Sue Train Station is at the top end of the MRT (Metro) line

The train journey from Bang Sue to Hualamphong can become very slow – more like an hour or more, rather than the 20 or 30 minutes stated on the schedule. The train track into central Bangkok is very busy as it is shared by lots of local and intercity services. Also the train moves slowly because the areas to the sides of the track are very built up with shanty town style dwellings running either side of the track most of the way.

Bang Sue station marks the edge of metropolitan Bangkok and the first connection with Bangkok’s metropolitan transport system. Immediately opposite the entrance to Bang Sue train station is Bang Sue MRT (underground) station. When alighting at Bang Sue Station cross over the train tracks to the station building and go out into the car park and head left to Bang Sue MRT station pictured above, its about 30 metres from the train station. If you are heading to either Bangkok’s international or domestic airports then take a taxi – there are always plenty in the car park.

The MRT underground runs through the city all the way down to Hua Lamphong train station in Chinatown via Sukhumvit, and a further 15 other stops on the way. Underground trains run 06.00 to midnight every day and journey to Hualamphong takes around 25 minutes, or 15 minutes to Sukhumvit. Even if you are going to Hualamphong Station it is quicker to alight at Bang Sue train station and switch to the MRT. The fare to Sukhumvit is 40 THB (20 THB children) and 42 THB (21 THB children) to Hua Lamphong train station.

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