Food and drink at Bangkok Train Station

There lots of places to eat in or near Bangkok Train Station (or Hua Lamphong as it is known locally). There are also lots of places to buy drinks and snacks for your train journey. Our guide to food at Bangkok train station is split into three parts: 1. Restaurants inside the train station. 2. Restaurants near the train station. 3. Where to buy snacks and drink for your journey.

Food Court at Hua Lamphong Train Station
Seating in the Food Court at Hua Lamphong Train Station

Restaurants inside the train station

Here is what is on offer inside the Station:

  • Food Court: The main place to eat inside the train station is the Food Court located on the right hand side of the station as you enter. There are a number of separate counters selling a variety of inexpensive Thai food. A plate of rice with two portions of Thai curry on top is 40 THB.
KFC at Bangkok Train Station
There is a branch of KFC at Bangkok Train Station
  • KFC: Not much seating in this branch which is located on the right side of the main entrance.
  • Black Canyon Coffee: Upstairs on the left hand side balcony overlooking the station forecourt. They have lots of seating and a few food items on sale.
  • Noodle Shop: Come out of the main station building at the exit at the top left hand side of the station near the platform and there is small noodle soup shop on the way to the MRT (metro) station on your left set into the wall of the main station building.

Restaurants outside the train station

There are six restaurants in a row on the other side of the road opposite to the train station:

Restaurants across the road from Bangkok Train Station
Restaurants across the road from Bangkok Train Station
  • Chicken and Rice shops: There are two chicken and rice shops opposite the station. These are the cheapest places to eat and drink beer. The food is basically a choice of four dishes: noodle soup (Kuai Tiao), hainanese chicken rice (Khao Man Gai), pork leg over rice (Khao Ka Moo), crispy pork in red sauce over rice (Khao Moo Daeng). Expect to pay 40 to 60 THB a dish and 90 THB for a large beer.
  • Hong Kong Noodles: Part of a chain of restaurants. Not just noodle, but rice dishes also. They have a vegetarian menu as well. Expect to pay around 100 THB a dish and 100 THB for a large beer.
  • 511 Cafe and Bistro: Nice looking restaurant with standard Thai fare and pleasant service. The prices are cheap at 60 THB to 100 THB. This is a new restaurant and the owner tells us he has plans to upgrade the menu over the course of 2016 and 2017.
  • Two restaurants either side of 511 Cafe and Bistro: Again nice looking restaurants with cheap prices for average Thai food and beer.

Where to buy snack and drinks

Before boarding a Thailand Train consider purchasing some drinks and snacks. It is cheaper than buying them on the train and there is a better variety.

Mr Bun at Bangkok Train Station
Mr Bun is a great place to buy snacks for a train journey
  • 7-Eleven: Across the road from the train station in the same row of buildings as the restaurants mentioned above. This convenience store has lots of thing to buy.
  • Mr Bun: They sell bakery products such as pies and croissants. The shop is located between the exit at top left hand corner of the station and the entrance to the MRT (metro), in the area near to the taxi rank.
  • Dunkin Donuts: There is a counter at the top left hand side of the station near to the exit.
  • Station Mini-Mart: Next to the top left hand side exit. A bit more expensive the 7-Eleven and not as good a range of products, but better than nothing.

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