Trains from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai

To travel by train from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai you need to:

  • Take the train to Phitsanulok.
  • Then travel 62.7 km by road from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai in a local bus.

Train Times from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok

There are 5 direct train services a day from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok.

Train No.Chiang MaiPhitsanulokService
808:5014:34Special Express
1417:0023:53Special Express
1018:0000:47Special Express
  • Train #8 departing at 08:50 is the fastest train service between Chiang Mai and Phitsanulok, scheduled to complete the journey in 5 hours 44 minutes.
  • The slowest service is Train #408 which departs at 09:30, and arrives in Phitsanulok 7 hours 52 minutes later.

Buy Tickets from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok

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  • Sleeper seats are available to book online as well as the cheaper seat only options.

The train journey from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok passes some fantastic scenery which you can enjoy best if you take a train which completes the journey in daylight hours. Of the three trains which arrive before it get dark, the best of these is Train #8 because not only is it the fastest, but also because it is the only day time train with air conditioned carriages. Train #8 only has one seat type and the ticket price includes a meal brought to your seat and a drink.

Ticket Prices from Chiang Mai to Phitsanulok

Seat TypeOnline PriceStation Price
2nd Class A/C Seat720 THB470 THB
  • 2nd Class A/C seat price includes drinks and food during the journey.

Location of Chiang Mai Railway Station

Read more about Chiang Mai Railway Station.

Google Map of Chiang Mai Railway Station

Location of Phitsanulok Railway Station

Read more about Phitsanulok Railway Station.

Google Map of Phitsanulok Railway Station

Bus Services from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai

There is no train line to Sukhothai, but there are bus services every hour from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai and the bus journey takes only 1 hour and 2 minutes to reach Sukhothai.

Sukhothai Historical Park is near Phitsanulok
Sukhothai Historical Park is near Phitsanulok

It is a simple journey from Phitsanulok Railway Station to Phitsanulok Bus Terminal 1 and then around 1 hour by bus to Sukhothai. Phitsanulok Bus Terminal 1 is 2.1 km by road from the Phitsanulok Railway Station and bus services from Phitsanulok to Sukhothai are very cheap and frequent.

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