Bossotel Chiang Mai

  • Walking distance from Station: 60 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 stars

Located a 1 minute walk from Chiang Mai Train Station, the Bossotel Chiang Mai is a 3 star hotel with 150 rooms. The rooms are all air-conditioned, en-suite and have satellite TV.


On arrival you should for a room in the ‘Railway Wing’ as these rooms have better facilities. This hotel also has a swimming pool, a restaurant and a beauty salon/massage parlour. Disabled visitors will be pleased to know that this hotel also has a wheel chair ramp. The reception of this hotel is also the collection point for train tickets for travel from Chiang Mai booked through Thailand Trains.

Rainforest Boutique Hotel

  • Walking distance from Station: 850 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 stars

10 minutes walk to Chiang Mai Train Station with a light bag. If you heavy bags or difficulties walking then you need a taxi or tuk-tuk to take you. The extra walking distance may be worth it if you would prefer to stay somewhere with more of ‘resort’ feel than a hotel.

There is a big pool here and substantial outside areas within the hotel grounds. You should though note that there is a difference in quality and style between the ‘Pornpiroong Wing’ (which is the original concrete hotel building) and the ‘Boutique Wing’ (built more recently in Lanna style and much nicer). All rooms have satellite TV, air-conditioning, free WiFi and en suite bathrooms.


Oasis Hotel Chiang Mai

  • Walking distance from Station: 210 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 stars

Located very close to the entrance to Chiang Mai Train Station you get a lot for your money at the Oasis Hotel Chiang Mai. They have a swimming pool, a restaurant and they have made some effort decorating the lobby and the rooms.

Both the standard and the deluxe rooms have air-conditioning, free WiFi, satellite TV and en-suite bathrooms. Both room types are 18 sqm and the main difference between them is that in the ‘deluxe’ rooms the bathrooms are better fitted out and have baths, the ‘standard’ rooms just have a shower.

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