City Beach Resort

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 550 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 star

Large hotel about 200 metres from the beach. It has a swimming pool, large smart lobby and a restaurant. No gym but it does have a night club on site.

City Beach Resort
City Beach Resort

The rooms are large also, 33 sqm or more, all with private balcony. The rooms are nicely furnished as well with satellite TV and bath tubs in the bathrooms even in the standard rooms. Overall a pleasant place to stay.


Baan Manthana Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 500 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 star

Nice enough rooms with balcony and free WiFi. The decoration is modern although not luxurious. Everything in clean. It has a small swimming pool and a restaurant and not much else. This is an OK option for overnight stays.

It is in the centre of the town and 10 minutes walk to the beach, 6 minutes to the Train Station. Perfect for a stop over on the way down to the South of Thailand and onto Malaysia.


Chaba Chalet Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 300 metres
  • Star Rating: 3 star

This hotel is great value for money. It has all the room amenities of a more expensive hotel (en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, free WiFi and satellite TV) but at half the price. The hotel itself is small at just 33 rooms and a restaurant/cafe.

If you are staying overnight this hotel has all you need are there plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. This hotel is also very near Hua Hin Night Market, as well as the train station.

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