River Kwai Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 1.1 kilometres
  • Star Rating: 3 star

Almost a luxury hotel, and certainly closer to it than the other hotels in the area. They have swimming pool,  a spa, a large restaurant, a fitness room and some conferencing facilities.

River Kwai Hotel
River Kwai Hotel

The ‘Cowboy Bar’ nightclub in the hotel may or may not be a bonus depending on whether you want to go and drink until the early hours, or whether you would rather get an early night to sleep. The rooms are what you expect from a 3 star hotel in Thailand: free WiFi, satellite TV, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms.

Resotel Riverkwai Bridge

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 1.1 kilometres
  • Star Rating: 2.5 star

Located on the river this pleasant hotel offers guests good river views through out the hotel. It is a small hotel with only 9 rooms. There is no pool but there is a restaurant. The rooms have air-conditioning, satellite TV, free WiFi and en suite bathrooms.

The big selling point of this hotel is the balconies in the rooms and the relative peace and quiet you get when stay at a smaller hotel. If you want a peaceful stay, in some comfort, then this is probably a good choice for you.


Tamarind Guesthouse Kanchanaburi

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 900 metres
  • Star Rating: 2 star

One of the better budget hotels on the riverside. They have no bar and restaurant, but they do have four different types of room. There are fan or air-conditioned rooms on a raft floating on the river. There are also fan or air-conditioned rooms (with TV) on land.

People come here to chill out and enjoy the experience of the raft rooms which move up and down in the water gently when boats pass by. The staff are known to be friendly and laid back, although not to be seen very often. Female guests report feeling safe going to this hotel as it is on a well lit street.

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