Sripattana Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 1.1 kilometres
  • Star Rating: 3.5 star

This is a large hotel very much in the ‘old school’ Thai independent hotel category. It was built in 1962 and still retains a slightly retro feel to it. It is also aimed at Thai people and the service and way things are organised may not quite fit the expectations of someone not familiar with Thai hotels.

Sripattana Hotel
Sripattana Hotel

Visitors on business from other parts of Thailand feel very happy at this hotel. It has a pool, restaurant, games room and bar/nightclub. The rooms have air-conditioning, free WiFi and satellite TV with some English language channels.

Siri Hotel

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 950 metres
  • Star Rating: 2.5 star

Great value for money hotel and one of the closest to Nakhon Ratchasima train station. They have a restaurant and a bar. Rooms are average size (22 sqm or bigger) and have refrigerators, satellite TV, air-conditioning and free WiFi.

As a place to sleep for the night it is a good choice, if you want something more luxurious then you need to head further into the City Centre a couple of Kilometres from the train station.


M in Korat Service Apartment

  • Walking distance from Train Station: 650 metres
  • Star Rating: 1.5 star

This hotel is so cheap that you will wondering what is wrong with it. Not a lot. For the price you know you aren’t going to get 4 star luxury, but you get a comfortable enough room to stay in.

This hotel is like a serviced apartment block in that it has a check-in desk and an elevator, after that a room and nothing else. The rooms though are quite good, they are big at 32 sqm, or more and balconies in addition to air-conditioning, free WiFi and satellite TV. This is a good place to stay near the train station overnight on a budget.

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