Travel from Surat Thani Railway Station to Koh Samui

There two ways to travel from Surat Thani Train Station to Koh Samui. The easiest way to travel is take a direct bus and ferry departing from a car park next to the train station all the way to Koh Samui. Alternatively if you miss the direct connection, or you want to save money, you can travel into Surat Thani City Centre, 16 km away, and take a bus and ferry service from there:

  • Direct: There are fives companies which will take you directly from Surat Thani train station to Koh Samui.
  • Via Surat Thani: There are two companies which have departures every hour from 06:00 to 17:00 from Surat Thani City to Koh Samui.

Route 1: Direct To Koh Samui

Travel direct from Surat Thani Train Station to Koh Samui with a joint bus and ferry service.

  • Travel Times of Direct Services to Koh Samui
Train StationKoh SamuiCompanyTicket
07:4511:30Raja Ferry330 THB
07:4511:30Phantip Travel300 THB
08:0010:55Lomprayah650 THB
08:0012:30Seatran Discovery450 THB

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These services depart from a small car park in front of the station in front of a row of three cafes. It is easy to find the bus stop for all three services as there will be lots of other travellers waiting in the same area and there are always representatives of the various travel companies waiting on Platform 1 when the trains from Bangkok arrive. From Platform 1 there is gate leading directly onto the car park where the buses for each of the three services park. 

Option 1: Raja Ferry to Koh Samui (Any Hotel)

This service departs at 07:45 and is scheduled to transfer you to any hotel in Koh Samui by 12:30 all for 500 THB. This is a ‘no-frills’ service with transfer by minivan and a sea-crossing of 1 hour 30 minutes on a car ferry departing from Donsak Raja Ferry Port. Both ferry and minivan are comfortable enough for the short period of time you are travelling.

Option 2: Phantip Travel to Koh Samui (Koh Samui Bus Station)

Another no-frills service, this one uses buses and the Seatran car ferry, departing at 07:45 and arriving at 11:30. This service terminates at Koh Samui Bus Station although most passengers opt to disembark at Na Thon Seatran Ferry Pier because there are better transport connections than at Koh Samui Bus Station. You can choose to pay 150 THB extra for a hotel transfer on arrival.

  • Location of Koh Samui Bus Station

Google Map of Koh Samui Bus Station

Option 3: Lomprayah to Koh Samui (Na Thon Pier)

Departing at 08:00 and arriving at 10:55, this by far the best the best quality service out of the three and it is an hour or more quicker than other travel services from Surat Thani Train Station to Koh Samui. The journey starts with a 30 minute bus transfer to pier near Surat Thani city and then a 1 hour 45 minute sea crossing on a high speed ferry to Koh Samui. The ferry has an air-conditioned cabin with a shop and comfortable seats as well as open-air seating. The ferry arrives at Na Thon Pier in Koh Samui’s administrative capital town and there are plenty of shared taxis and private taxis waiting to take you to your final destination in Koh Samui.

  • Location of Na Thon Pier

Google Map of Na Thon Pier

About Surat Thani train station

Surat Thani railway station is not in Surat Thani City, its Phunphin 16.2 km away from Surat Thani. To get from Surat Thani train station to Koh Samui you can either travel direct from the train station or travel to Surat Thani city centre and get a bus or minivan to the ferry pier from there.

Surat Thani Train Station
Surat Thani Train Station

Alternatively if you arrive at Surat Thani train station after 08.30, or you want to save money, then you can travel to Koh Samui via Surat Thani city. If you travel via Surat Thani city then you need to organise your own transport from the train station to the city centre either by taxi or local bus.

Route 2: Via Surat Thani City

You can also travel from Surat Thani Railway to Koh Samui via Surat Thani town. From Surat Thani city you have a choice of two transport companies: Phantip Travel and the Raja Ferry Company.

Option 1: Phantip Travel from Surat Thani Town

The Phantip bus departs from the Phantip travel office Soi Talad Mai 8, which is side street very close to Suat Thani’s downtown bus station. If you travel to Surat Thani by the 18 THB orange bus it terminates at the downtown bus station. The price of 400 THB is inclusive of transfers from the ferry port in Koh Samui to your hotel.

  • Phantip Travel Times from Surat Thani City to Koh Samui

  • Location of the Phantip Travel Office in Surat Thani

Google Map of Phantip Travel

Option 2: Raja Ferry Service from Surat Thani City

The Raja Ferry Company service departs from Soi Wichai 16, which is on the road going from the train station into Surat Thani city, the office is 300 metres further along from the  Si Wichai Hospital. If you are travelling by bus ask the driver to stop at the Raja Ferry office when you board the bus. The price of 450 THB is inclusive of transfers from the ferry port in Koh Samui to your hotel.

  • Raja Ferry Travel Times from Surat Thani City to Koh Samui

  • Location of the Raja Ferry Office

Google Map of Raja Ferry Office

Travel to Surat Thani City

There are two ways to get from Surat Thani train station to Surat Thani City:

  • By public bus: These depart from the car park area in front of the railway station, to the left of the ticket hall as you depart from Platform 1. These orange bus departs every 20 minutes and cost 18 THB per person. The journey by bus takes about 40 minutes.
  • By taxi: There is a taxi station in front of the main station building. The journey should cost between 140 THB to 160 THB for the whole taxi. The journey by taxi takes abut 15 minutes.
Lomprayah high speed catamaran ferry
Lomprayah high speed catamaran ferry

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