Timetable for Westbound Trains

 Train Number
Thon Buri07.5013.55
Taling Chan Junction08.0314.09
Sala Ya– 08.2014.24
Nakhon Pathom08.5714.59
Nong Pla Duk Junction04.3509.2115.21
Saphan Kwae Yai06.1410.4216.32
Saphan Tam Krasae07.3711.5116.32
Nam Tok08.2012.3518.30


Timetable for Eastbound Trains

 Train Number
Nam Tok05.2012.5515.30
Saphan Tam Krasae05.5613.3416.09
Saphan Kwae Yai07.1114.3817.30
Nong Pla Duk Junction08.3116.0118.50
Nakhon Pathom09.1916.30
Sala Ya09.5717.06
Taling Chan Junction10.1317.25
Thon Buri10.2517.40

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