Trains from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya

The two best train services from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya are the first train service of the day and the last train service of the day. The other two train services from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya do not have any carriages with sleeper berths and arrive very early in the morning in Ayutthaya when it still dark and before anything opens. For this reason avoid all train services from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya except for Train #76 departing at 07:45 and Train #26 departing at 19:40.

Train Times from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya

There are currently 3 direct train services a day from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya.

TrainNong KhaiAyutthayaService
2619:4004:32Special Express
  • Fastest Train: The fastest train between Nong Khai and Ayutthaya is Train #76, departing at 07:45. Train #76 is scheduled to complete the journey from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya in 7 hours 49 minutes.
  • Slowest Train: Train #134 is the slowest service from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya. Train #134 departs from Nong Khai at 18:50 and is scheduled to arrive 9 hours 23 minutes later in Ayutthaya at 04:13.
  • Sleeper Berths: 1st and 2nd Class A/C sleeper berths are available on Train #26 departing at 19:40.

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Ticket Prices from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya

Tickets costs 250 THB more per person for the Nong Khai to Bangkok when booked online.

Seat TypeOnline PriceStation Price
1st Class A/C Sleeper1,752 THB1,502 THB
2nd Class A/C Sleeper1,222 THB972 THB

However, bear in mind that there is only one train a from Nong Khai to Ayutthaya with sleeper berths and this train is also the only train from Nong Khai to Bangkok which has sleeper berths. At certain times of the year Train #26 is fully booked well in advance of the day of travel of travel and if you do plan on travelling overnight then you may end up having to travel in a second or third class seat on one of other two overnight trains if you do not make an advance booking either online or a train station in Thailand.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya Train Station is located to the West side of the Pa Sak and is 4.4 km walking distance from Ayutthaya Historical Park. The best way to travel from the train station in Ayutthaya to the historical park or other locations in Ayutthaya is to take a tuk-tuk.

There are always plenty of tuk-tuks parked in front of Ayutthaya Train Station. Expect to pay around 100 THB for a ride in a tuk-tuk from the train station to the historical park and most other destinations in the old city centre. Be sure to agree the fare in advance as there is no such thing as a fixed price for travel by tuk-tuk in Thailand and some less honest tuk-tuk drivers have been known to try to overcharge foreign visitors to the City.

Wat Si Samphet in Ayutthaya
Wat Phra Si Samphet in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Historical Park consists of a collection of sites grouped around a municipal park. At the beginning of the 1700s Ayutthaya was thought to have been one of the largest and most important cities in the world and the number of temples reflected this. Unfortunately, since that time Ayutthaya has suffered from an invasion by a Burmese Army who destroyed many of the buildings and from neglect. There are still, however, several sites well worth visiting. In particular:

  • Wat Maha Tat: A temple famous for the heads which cut off the statues by the Burmese invaders. If you have seen pictures of Ayutthaya you will doubtlessly have seen one of a Buddha head deep inside the roots of a bodhi tree, this is located at Wat Maha Tat.
  • Wat Phra Ram:  The remarkable thing about this temple is the large central Prang (tower) which remain largely intact. There are very few Prang of this age which are still standing in Thailand.
  • Wat Phra Si Samphet: This temple has three magnificent Prang standing a row, with smaller Prang clustered around the three main Prang in geometric patterns. Wat Phra Si Samphet is in the best condition of the ancient temples in Ayutthaya Historical Park and the one which receives the most visitors.

Location of Nong Khai Railway Station

Google Map of Nong Khai Railway Station

Location of Ayutthaya Railway Station

Google Map of Ayutthaya Railway Station

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