Nong Khai train station lies at the top end of the North Eastern railway line some 623 km (387 miles) from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Train Station. The station itself is a standard concrete building and this train station looks very similar to other train stations at large towns across Thailand. It was built in 2000 replacing the earlier and more attractive terminus by the Mekong river which had been in operation since 1958.

Train Times from Nong Khai to Bangkok

There are 3 trains per day from Nong Khai to Bangkok.

TrainNong KhaiBangkok
  • The fastest train to Bangkok is Train #76 departing at 07:45.
Nong Khai Train Station
Nong Khai Train Station

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Train Services from Nong Khai to Laos

The most exciting thing about this station is that you can take a train over the Mekong river and into Laos. Taking the sleeper train from Bangkok to Nong Khai and then onto Laos is a good alternative to doing the journey by bus. A direct bus from Bangkok to Vientiane Laos is quicker but travelling by train means you get a comfortable bed to sleep in whilst you travel.

To travel onward you have to alight the train at Nong Khai (unless you book Train #133 which travel direct from Bangkok to Vientiane), where you then buy your ticket for the short train journey into Laos and catch one of the two departures a day heading to Khamsavath station near Vientiane.

Train Times from Nong Khai to Laos

  • Nong Khai = Thailand
  • Khamsavath (Vientiane) = Laos
Nong KhaiKhamsavathKhamsavathNong Khai

Local Transport to Nong Khai Train Station

Nong Khai railway station is 3.4 km away from the border with Laos and 3 km to the commercial and tourist centre of Nong Khai where most of the hotels, bars and restaurant are located. The only public transport available from the station is tuk-tuks. Expect to pay around 50 THB for most journeys within Nong Khai.

Location of Nong Khai Train Station

Google Map of Nong Khai Railway Station

About Nong Khai Train Station

  • Located to the 3.1 km South of the Mekong River and 3 km west of Nong Khai town centre.
  • The station was built in 2000 and has 2 platforms.
  • It is at top end of the North Eastern line, and 10 to 11 hours by train from Bangkok.
  • Since 2009 there has been an extension of the line just across the border into Laos.

Buying Tickets at the Train Station

There are a number of counters inside the station for travel on the same day and advanced ticket purchase for travel in Thailand. Tickets for the short train journey to Laos can only be purchased on the day of travel, but if you are planning to return to Bangkok via Nong Khai after your visit to Laos it makes sense to plan ahead and buy your return tickets from Nong Khai to Bangkok when you arrive at Nong Khai train station.

Facilities at Nong Khai Train Station

  • Left Luggage: as you enter the station there is a left luggage office on the left.
  • Toilets: there are toilets on Platform 1 to the left end as you enter via the main entrance.
  • Food: there is food and drink on sale, again to the left hand side of Platform 1.

Royal Nakhara Hotel

  • Distance from Station: 1.3 km
  • Star Rating: 4 star

The Royal Nakhara is the closest good quality hotel to Nong Khai train station. This hotel has a restaurant and a coffee shop as well as good rooms with free WiFi and satellite TV. It is one of the better accommodation options in Nong Khai and really convenient as a stopping point for onward travel to Laos.

This hotel gets lots of repeat bookings from people who regularly do the journey from Thailand to Laos. The combination of quality facilities and proximity to the main road, bridge and railway station make this hotel a great place to stay on the way to Laos.

Royal Nakhara Hotel
Royal Nakhara Hotel

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