Thailand has five major train lines which are shown on the map below. Most parts of the country are accessible by train, except for the Northern Region above Chiang Mai, and parts of the Andaman Coast such as Phuket and Krabi.

Railway Map of Thailand
Railway Map of Thailand

Pattaya is connected to the railway network but train services travelling East are generally very slow and most people on holiday in Thailand opt to travel by road if they are going to Pattaya, Koh Chang or Chanthaburi.

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Sleeper Berths on Thailand Trains

There are three types of sleeper berths on trains in Thailand:

  • 1st Class Air Conditioned Sleeper: A private room with lockable door. The majority of 1st Class Sleeper compartments have two sleeper berths but single compartments are also available on some trains.
  • 2nd Class Air Conditioned Sleeper: Bunk bed style sleeper berths running the length of the carriage with a privacy curtain. You have the choice of booking a ‘Lower’ or ‘Upper’ bunk with the Lower bunk being slightly more expensive.
  • 2nd Class Fan Cooled Sleeper: Exactly the same as the 2nd Class Air Conditioned sleeper berth but in fan cooled carriages. These type of carriage can be uncomfortable at night especially during the period from January through to September on the Southern Line.

Train Stations in Bangkok

All five train major intercity train lines in Thailand start one of the two train terminus in Bangkok:

More Maps of the Railway Network

To view detailed maps of each of the five major train lines click on the links below:

  • Northern Train Line: Bangkok to Chiang Mai via Ayutthaya
  • Southern Train Line: Bangkok to Malaysia via Surat Thani and Hua Hin
  • North Eastern Train Line: Bangkok to Laos Border and Ubon Ratchathani
  • Kanchanaburi Train Line: Bangkok to Nam Tok via Kanchanaburi
  • Eastern Train Line: Bangkok to Pattaya and Cambodia Border

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