Once a major train station, with trains on the busy Southern Line stopping there, Thonburi Train Station now has a limited number of commuter services departing to suburban destination in Bangkok, and surrounding towns, and services to Kanchanaburi and onto Nam Tok.

Thonburi Railway Station
Thonburi Railway Station

For most foreign visitors, the only reason to go to Thonburi train station is to catch a train to Kanchanaburi to visit the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai and the war cemeteries.

Trains to Kanchanaburi

There are two departures a day, every day, from Thonburi train station to Kanchanaburi (for the famous Bridge over the River Kwai) and onto Nam Tok at the top end of the railway line:

ThonburiKanchanaburiNam Tok

Quick facts about the Station

  • Located on the West Side of the Chao Phraya river near the Siriraj Hospital
  • Rebuilt in 2003 on a different site. The original train station building is now part of the Siriraj Hospital
  • Has 1 platform with trains departing to commuter destinations to the West of Bangkok and two departures a day to Kanchanaburi and onto Nam Tok.

Buying Tickets at the Station

Advance tickets are not available for any of the train services from this station. All you need to do is to turn up at the station and buy your ticket. For all stations on the Kanchanaburi Line the fare is a 100 THB, or nothing if you are a Thai national.

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Travel to Thonburi Train Station

Thonburi Train Station is located on the West side of the river – the other side to Bankok’s major tourists areas such as the Grand Palace, Siam Square, Khao San and Sukhumvit Roads. It is not near a BTS (Skytrain) or MRT (underground) station either.

Front of Thonburi Train Station
Front of Thonburi Train Station

By taxi it takes about 20 minutes from the Khao San Road and 40 minutes from the Sukhumvit Road depending on the traffic. Taxi drivers may be reluctant to take you on the meter, if at all, and you may be asked to pay an overpriced fare particularly for an early morning departure. A better option is to leave yourself some time and take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to either Thonburi Train Station Pier No. 11 (from where you walk) or Wang Lang Pier No. 12 from where it is a short journey in a taxi.

Chao Phraya Express Boat

The Chao Phraya Express Boat company runs several different services. All services stop at Wang Lang Pier, but only the ‘No Flag’ service (so called because the other services all have a coloured flag on the roof) stops at the convenient Thonburi Train Station Pier which is an easy 12 minutes walk away from Thonburi Train Station. The ‘No Flag’ boats start running at 06:45 and from Phra Athit Pier (near Khao San) or Silom Pier (which is near Saphan Taksin BTS station) you can easy make the first departure to Kanchanaburi at 07:50 if you catch one of the first boats.

Boat Pier for Thonburi Train Station

  • Walking distance Thonburi Station Pier to Thonburi Station: 1.0 km
  • Walking time Thonburi Station Pier to Thonburi Station: 12 min

Google Map of Thonburi Railway Station

About Thonburi Station

Until 1999 Thonburi Station, or Bangkok Noi station as it was known, was a major train terminal with the Southern Line to Malaysia terminating there. That all changed in 1999 when the Southern Line was diverted to terminate at Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok’s China Town.

Ticket Office at Thonburi Railway Station
Ticket Office at Thonburi Railway Station

 The original train station building was sold to a local hospital in 2003 and a new train terminus was built some 900 metres away. The new train station serves only a handful of commuter routes and two daily services following the route of the infamous ‘Death Railway’ up to Kanchanaburi and on towards Nam Tok near the border with Myanmar.

Facilities at Thonburi Station

  • Toilets: there are toilets to the left of the tickets counter at the far end of the station platform.
  • Food: Some small food and drink stalls on the main platform.

Rotfai Thonburi Market

Opposite the train station there is large market where they sell fruit, vegetable and other food products. This is a wholesale market where local people come to buy vegetables and other products early in the morning for restaurants and stalls across Bangkok.

Rotfai Thonburi Market
Rotfai Thonburi Market

As well as products for sale wholesale there are many small and very cheap food stalls inside the market catering to the local shoppers. This is a great place to buy fruit and snacks for your journey and experience an authentic slice of Thai life that few tourists will ever see.

Thamrongin Hotel

  • Walking distance from Station: 1.5 kilometres
  • Star Rating: 3 stars

Located 1.5 km from Thonburi Train Station, this is the closest comfortable hotel option to Thonburi Train Station and an ideal place to stay if you want a short journey in the morning to catch the early train to Kanchanaburi.

This 100 room hotel falls is 3 star standard with large room featuring free Wifi, air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom, balcony and satellite TV from around a 1,450 THB per night. Rooms come with 1 double bed and 1 single bed making them a good option for families travelling together. Indeed for larger groups there are interconnecting doors between rooms which can be opened to create a larger living space. The hotel has a restaurant and room service which is useful for people who do not want to venture far from the hotel. There is also a 7-Eleven convenience store close to the hotel. Breakfast is worth getting up for in the morning before you catch the train to Kanchanaburi.

  • Location of Thomrongin Hotel

Google Map of Thamrongin Hotel

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