Train times & tickets – Chumphon to Hat Yai

The train is a good option for travel from Chumphon to Hat Yai, with most of the train services travelling overnight allowing passengers the opportunity to book a sleeper seat and arrive early in the morning in Hat Yai for onward travel to Malaysia or other destinations in the South of Thailand. Most train services take over 8 hours to travel from Chumphon to Hat Yai.

Train Times to Hat Yai

There are 5 daily direct train services from Chumphon to Hat Yai.

TrainChumphonHat YaiService
4105:4912:34Special Express
3122:3406:35Special Express
37/4523.1507:20Special Express
  • The fastest service is Train #41, departing at 05.49, which is scheduled to complete the journey to Hat Yai in 6 hours 45 minutes.
  • The slowest service is Train #169, departing at 00:42, which is scheduled to reach Hat Yai 8 hours 25 minutes after departing from Chumphon.
  • The most comfortable train is Train #31 departing from Chumphon at 22.34 which uses the new style of train carriage.

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  • At certain times of the year train tickets from Chumphon to Hat Yai are not available to book online. In which case you either need to book one of the bus services which are available through the Search Box above or alternatively make your booking at a train station in Thailand.

Location of Chumphon Station

Location of Hat Yai Station

Travel from Hat Yai

For travel to Malaysia you have three options:

  • Flight: There are regular flights to Kuala Lumpur and Penang from Hat Yai Airport.
  • Train: Take one of the train services from Hat Yai to Padang Besar in Malaysia (07:30, 07:58 and 14:00) and from there take a Malaysian train service to destinations such as Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Bus: Hat Yai Bus Station is 2.9 km from Hat Yai Train Station. From the bus station you take a minivan to the border at Padang Besar or a direct service to both Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively you take a minivan to Sungai Kolok and cross the border on the East Coast near Kota Bharu.
Hat Yai Junction Railway Station
Hat Yai Junction Railway Station

You can also take direct bus and ferry services from outside the train station to popular beach destinations on the Andaman Coast. Click to see more information about travel from:

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