Trains from Ayutthaya to Lopburi

By train the journey from Ayutthaya to Lopburi is scheduled to take from 33 to 64 minutes depending upon which train you take

Train Times from Ayutthaya to Lopburi

There are currently 7 direct train services a day from Ayutthaya to Lopburi.

709:5510:28Special Express
919:4520:41Special Express
1321:0721:58Special Express
  • Fastest Train: The fastest service from Ayutthaya to Lopburi is Train #7, departing at 09:55, which is scheduled to complete the journey in 33 minutes.
  • Slowest Train: The slowest of the train services from Ayutthaya to Lopburi is Train #111, departing at 08:38 and scheduled to arrive in Lopburi 1 hour 4 minutes later at 09:42.

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Location of Ayutthaya Train Station

Ayutthaya Railway Station is on the east side of the Pa Sak 3.8 km by road from the Ayutthaya Historical Park.

Google Map of Ayutthaya Railway Station

Location of Lopburi Train Station

Google Map of Lopburi Railway Station

About Travel to Lopburi

Lopburi has two main attractions: its old buildings, and its large population of wild monkeys.

Monkeys in Lopburi

The monkeys largely inhabit only one part of the city, which happens to be where nearly all the historic buildings are located, and are a something of a menace for the people who live there. Nonetheless, the monkeys are largely tolerated and there is even an annual Monkey Festival in November each year where the pesky primates are fed fruit and vegetables on long tables.

Lopburi Town

Lopburi Town has around 60,000 residents. The town centre has a new and an old quarter. The old quarter located to the West and North of the main train station is where most tourists choose to visit and where the best accommodation and restaurants are located. Lopburi doesn’t have a large dedicated historical park area like Ayutthaya, but most of the interesting places to visit are in the old quarter and within easy walking distance of each other.

Like Ayutthaya, Lopburi has many historic buildings
Like Ayutthaya, Lopburi has many historic buildings
Khmer Era Temples in Lopburi

Lopburi has several large temples which are believed to have been established in the 12th and 13th Century when the area was controlled by the Khmer Empire, whose capital at the time is now the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia. The three most impressive of these temples to visit are Phra Prang Sam Yot, San Phra Kan, and Wat Phrasi Rattana Mahathat. The temples have been altered since the Khmer era but they still feature remnants from that period including stone carvings and reliefs and the distinctive prang towers associated with the Hindu religion.

Royal Palace in Lopburi

For a short period of time during the reign of King Narai in the 17th Century Lopburi was the capital city of Thailand. King Narai built a royal palace which is open to visitors for a modest entrance fee. The palace has some interesting throne halls, as well as the historically important Ban Vichayen. Ban Vichayen was the official residence of several foreign ambassadors to Thailand, and later the home of Constantine Phaulkon who was a Greek sailor that managed to become King Narai’s first minister at a time when foreign influence in Thailand was minimal.

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