Trains from Bangkok to Chaiya

By train the journey from Bangkok to Chaiya is scheduled to take from 10 to 12 hours depending upon which train you take.

Train Times from Bangkok to Chaiya

There are currently 7 train services a day from Bangkok to Chaiya.

4308:1018:19Special Express
3922:2008:56Special Express
  • The fastest train from Bangkok to Chaiya is Train #43, departing from Bangkok at 08:10 and arriving 10 hour 09 minutes later in Chaiya at 18:19.
  • The slowest train from Bangkok to Chaiya is Train #167 departing from Bangkok at 18:50 and arriving in Chaiya at 07:08, a scheduled journey time of 12 hours 18 minutes.

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Bangkok Railway Station

Google Map of Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Station

Chaiya Train Station

Google Map of Chaiya Railway Station

About Travel to Chaiya

Chaiya is an ‘off the beaten track’ destination in Southern Thailand, located in Surat Thani Province to the North of Surat Thani City.

Where to Stay in Chaiya

Chaiya Town itself is small, with around 5,000 permanent residents and a limited range of amenities, including a hotel near the train station. Phum Riang and Leam Pho on the coast have beach front tourist accommodation which is better than in Chaiya Town Centre.

Train #83 on route to Chaiya
Train #83 on route to Chaiya
History of Chaiya

Chaiya has a long and interesting history. Archaeological evidence suggests that the area has been inhabited for at least 6,500 years. More recently, during the 7th to 13th Centuries, Chaiya is believed to have been an important trading centre of the Srivijaya Empire, whose territory stretched across many coastal areas in the Southern part of South East Asia, including parts of what is now Indonesia as well Southern Cambodia. The remains of goods imported from India and the Middle East dating back more than a 1,000 years have been found in the area.

Wat Phra Borommathat

Wat Phra Borommathat is the most significant tourist attraction in Chaiya. This temple was founded during the period when the area was under the control of the Srivijaya Empire, and features a very distinctive Javanese style chedi. In the grounds of the temple there is also the Chaiya National Museum, which houses important artefacts found in Chaiya.

Wat Suan Mokkhaphalarama

Wat Suan Mokkhaphalarama, more commonly refered to as Suan Mokkh, is a temple created in the 1930s by an early adherent of the Thai Forest Tradition, which is a sect within the Buddhist church which believes in a more austere form of Buddhism where monks live with fewer comforts in more isloated locations. Visitors are welome to visit the temple to look around, however, for more serious students of Buddhism it’s possible to join a 10 day retreat.

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