Trains from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi

By train the journey from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi is scheduled to take around 1 hour.

Train Times from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi

There are currently 9 train services a day from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi.

TrainHua HinPhetchaburiService
42/4400:1401:00Special Express
3204:2705:20Special Express
38/4605:1706:10Special Express
4014:3615:22Special Express
  • The fastest train from Hua Hin to Phetchaburi is Train #42/44 departing from Hua Hin at 00:14, and arriving 46 minutes later in Phetchaburi at 01:00.

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Hua Hin Train Station

Google Map of Hua Hin Railway Station

Phetchaburi Railway Station

  • Phetchaburi Railway Station is located 800 metres walking distance from the Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park.

Google Map of Phetchaburi Railway Station

About Travel to Phetchaburi

Phetchaburi is an interesting town which is not so well known among foreign visitors. Located about 130 km to the south of Bangkok, Phetchaburi is not a coastal town and therefore generally less appealing than other beach side destinations in the south of Thailand.

Phetchaburi Town

Phetchaburi is a medium sized town with around 27,000 inhabitants. The town is located on both the railway line to Bangkok and the main road connecting Bangkok to the south of Thailand. It’s a popular place to break up a long journey with an overnight stay and Phetchaburi has plenty of medium range hotels catering mainly to Thai travellers. The local cuisine is also good, with some unique local dishes, although the town’s formal restaurants are almost exclusively located within hotels.

Phetchaburi Town has two main tourist attractions, both former royal palaces. The most visited of these two royal residences is the Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace. Built in 1860 for the use of King Rama IV, the Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace is spread out across the top of three hills in the centre of Phetchaburi. Visitors are permitted inside most parts of the palace.

The other royal palace is the Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace. The palace was built for King Rama V, who died before it was completed in 1916. The palace has never been lived in and the original interiors of the palace have been well preserved, including what would have been the bedrooms of the different members of the royal family. The Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace has a distinctly European design thought to be based on the Palace of Kaiser Wilhelm in Germany.

Kaeng Kra Chan Lake in Phetchaburi
Kaeng Kra Chan Lake in Phetchaburi
Countryside around Phetchaburi

The most interesting parts of Phetchaburi Province are located within an hour’s journey by road from Phetchaburi Town, and renting a vehicle, taking a tour, or simply hiring someone someone you drive around, is the only way to reach these places.

Phetchaburi Province has two good beaches, Chao Samran Beach and Puek Tian Beach. The closest of these to Phetchaburi Town is Chao Samran Beach, located 18 km by road to the south of the railway station. Chao Samran Beach has hotels and restaurants, and a small village with some shops behind the beach.

Phetchaburi Province’s major tourist attraction, Kaeng Krachan National Park, is located 70 km by road to the south west of Phetchaburi Town. The Kaeng Krachan National Park is Thailand’s largest national park, covering about 3,000 square kilometres, and the place in Thailand with the greatest diversity of wildlife. The park covers part of a mountain range which forms a natural border with Myanmar creating a massive area for Thailand’s largest population of wild tigers to roam freely in search of food.

There is plenty of accommodation in and around the Kaeng Krachan National Park. The hotels situated on the edge of the park’s 45 square kilometre lake (Kaeng Kra Chan Lake) in particular are very popular with Thai tourists. Visitors can also go trekking and take tours by boat within the park to search for flora and fauna.

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