Travel from Ranong to Chumphon Railway Station

By bus the journey from Ranong to Chumphon Railway Station is scheduled to take 2 hours 30 minutes.

Bus Times from Ranong to Chumphon Railway Station

There are currently 6 direct services a day from Ranong to Chumphon Train Station available to book online.

RanongChumphon StationTicketCompany
07:0009:30฿ 400Fame Tour
09:0011:30฿ 400Fame Tour
11:0013:30฿ 400Fame Tour
13:0015:30฿ 400Fame Tour
15:0017:30฿ 400Fame Tour
17:0019:30฿ 400Fame Tour

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Ranong Bus Station

Fame Tours services from Ranong to Chumphon Railway Station depart from Ranong Bus Station.

Google Map of Ranong Bus Station

Chumphon Railway Station

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Google Map of Chumphon Railway Station

About Travel to Chumphon Railway Station

Chumphon is not a popular tourist destination, but it is a transport hub and plenty of foreign and domestic tourists travel to Chumphon on route to or from other more popular parts of Thailand. In particular, Chumphon is the connection point between the upper part of Thailand’s west coast and its railway network.

Chumphon Town

Chumphon is a small city with around 40,000 permanent residents. The city is less developed than other Thai cities closer to Bangkok. The main industries in Chumphon Province as a whole are agriculture and fishing and Chumphon City is very much a ‘market town’ where local produce and seafood is traded.

There is little for tourists to do or see in Chumphon City. It has no major tourist attractions. It is, however, one of the best places in Thailand to experience the unique culture and cuisine of Southern Thailand. The night market on the Krumluang Chumphon Road is an excellent place to try a wide range of Southern Thai dishes that are rarely offered in restaurants in other parts of Thailand.

Chumphon has a small number of hotels and restaurants catering to the needs of foreign visitors. The Fame Tour restaurant and the Euro Boutique Hotel are popular choices for international visitors to the city.

Ferry Pier to Koh Tao in Chumphon
Ferry Pier to Koh Tao in Chumphon
Travel to Bangkok

There are three public transport options for travel from Chumphon to Bangkok: bus, train, and plane. Travel by train is a popular option. The journey by train from Chumphon to Bangkok takes 6 to 8 hours, with inexpensive sleeper berths available on most trains. All but one of the daily train services from Chumphon to Bangkok depart either in the afternoon or the evening time which is convenient for those travelling from Ranong as they will have plenty of time during the day to get to Chumphon to board a train to Bangkok.

Travel to Koh Tao

Chumphon is also the main connection point for travel to Koh Tao. There are two types of ferry service from Chumphon City to Koh Tao.

The most popular is the joint bus and ferry service from Chumphon Railway Station all the way to Koh Tao operated by the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company. The ferry pier which the Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company uses, Ao Thung Makham Noi Pier, is 27 km by road from Chumphon City. Taking a joint bus and ferry service saves on the expense of needing to take a taxi to the ferry pier.

The other service you can take from Chumphon to Koh Tao is a night boat service. There are several different companies offering this service, typically on different nights of the week, however, they all provide a broadly similar service departing from a river pier closer to Chumphon City than Ao Thung Makham Noi Pier. Night boat services travel overnight take around 8 hours to reach Koh Tao.

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