Trains from Bangkok to Uttaradit

By train the journey from Bangkok to Uttaradit is scheduled to take from 5 to 8 hours depending upon which train you take.

Train Times from Bangkok to Uttaradit

There are 6 direct trains per day from Bangkok to Uttaradit.

11107:3015:21Special Express
709:0514:22Special Express
1320:0503:05Special Express
  • The fastest train from Bangkok to Uttaradit is Train #7 departing at 09:05, which is scheduled to complete the journey in 5 hours 17 minutes.
  • The slowest train from Bangkok to Uttaradit is Train #109 departing at 14:15, which is scheduled to arrive 8 hours 05 minutes later at 22:20.

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Location of Bangkok Train Station

The main railway station in Bangkok is Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal (also known as Bang Sue Grand Station).

Google Map of Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Station

Location of Uttaradit Train Station

Read more about Uttaradit Railway Station.

Google Map of Uttaradit Railway Station

About Travel to Uttaradit

Uttaradit is a provincial capital located on Thailand’s Northern Railway Line, to the north of Phitsanulok slightly over the halfway point on the route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Visiting Uttaradit

Uttaradit is not a place that many foreign holiday makers currently visit. It’s a relatively small city with around 35,000 permanent residents and no tourist attractions which are well known internationally. Outside of the city itself within Uttaradit Province there are, however, several national parks, a very large man-made lake, and a mountain range. Visitors to these attractions travelling by train will leave or join the train network at Uttaradit.

Staying Overnight in Uttaradit

Uttaradit’s best hotels, restaurants and retail outlets are nearly all located on, or close to, the Boroma At Road.

Hotels in Uttaradit

Uttaradit’s two best hotels are the Friday Hotel and the Seeharaj Hotel, which are virtually opposite each other on the Boroma At Road. Both are great value for money 3 star hotels with well maintained rooms and facilities.

Restaurants in Uttaradit

For ‘international cuisine’ there are a number of branded food outlets (such as KFC and Pizza Company) located at Lotus’s supermarket and the Friday Department Store. In terms of eat in restaurants, we recommend the restaurant inside the Friday Hotel and The New York Steakhouse, which is located on side street off the western end of the Boroma At Road.

Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang in Uttaradit
Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang in Uttaradit
Temples and Legends

Uttaradit has two temples which are associated with well known local legends and are significant to Thai people, including the Thai Royal Family.

Wat Phra Thaen Si La At

Wat Phra Thaen Si La At is Uttaradit’s best known temple, which has been visited by many of the Kings of Thailand, including King Rama V who oversaw the quick rebuilding of the temple after it was destroyed in a fire.

What makes the temple famous is that it contains a large block of stone which the Lord Buddha is believed to have sat upon to give sermons whilst visiting the area, which was once the location of ancient town that has now disappeared.

Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang

Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang is a small temple with a very impressive chedi which is historically important in several ways.

One of those important historical connections is with local folk hero, Phraya Pichai. Phraya Pichai was a solider famously loyal to King Taksin I of the Thonburi Kingdom who is believed to have worshipped at Wat Phra Brommathat Thung Yang.

The other major point of interest in respect of this temple is its connection to the ancient town of Thung Yang, and the temple is thought to contain religious artefacts from Thung Yang.

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